Where and How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 for Free

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Yeah it is no more a news that the popular TV series Game of Thrones Season 8 is out and according to the producer of the movie, season 8 is actually the final season so if you are a follower of the movie and you want to find out who eventually ends up on the throne. This post will guide you on where and time to watch/stream Game of Thrones season 8 full episode (almost for free). You will also learn how to download each episode for free.

Where to Watch Game of Thrones Season 8

Below are the list of the streaming and cable service that has the right to air GOT season 8.


First on the list is HBO, they have the original right to distribute GOT. So how do you watch game of thrones 8 on HBO for free?

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HBO isn’t free to use, that seems like bad news, right? but I also have the good news for you, as a new user, you will be given one week trial to watch any HBO series movies after which you are required to pay $14.99 monthly to continue streaming movie on their website. You can stream the episode 1 and 2 on HBO for free during your first trial. If you do not wish to pay the subscription fee, then feel free to cancel your account so you won’t be charged. You will discover how to stream the next episodes for free on our next list, so please read on.

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HBO is also available on all U.S cable system, so if you already have subscription that covers HBO, then you are good to go. HBO is not available in some countries, we will discuss how to have access later on in this post irrespective of your country.



Another website to watch GOT for free is Hulu.com, hulu.com has a deal with HBO to air Game of throne which is indeed a good deal for the series lovers. You will have access to unlimited movies once the you subscribe for any of their package. I guess you do not want that right? Not to worry, you will also get a free trial of one week just like HOB. Hulu has a cheaper package to enjoy full seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, Hulu Originals, kids shows, and more for just $5.99 (plus ads) or $11.99 (no ads) monthly with a free trial of 1 month or HULU+Live TV package which will cost you $44.99 monthly with a free trial of 7 days. The Hulu $5.99 package is a good deal since you will be having a full 1-month free access before you will pay the monthly fee.

With the 1-month free trial, you will be able to watch new episode(s) of Game of thrones, just make sure up to 2 more episodes have been released before you sign up for the free trial.

So, if you do the math right, you would have seen up to 4 episodes or more of Game of Thrones without paying a dime. That sounds like a good deal, right?



Next on the list is Amazon.com, just like hulu.com, they also have a deal with HBO to air the finale season of Game of Thrones. Amazon 1-month free trial is also a good deal to watch more episodes of GOT. So, by now, you would have seen up-to 6 episodes of GOT Season 8 for free.

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You can also purchase the previous season of GOT on Amazon



The last on the list is PlayStation VUE trial package. You can sign up for Playstation free trial it is just five days compared to 1 month on Amazon and Hulu. The premium of plan of PS VUE is kinda expensive but it is a good deal considering the price because you have access to whole lot of things. After the 5 days trial, you can cancel your subscription so that they won’t be charged and note you do not need a PlayStation console to use PlayStation VUE.

On the final note, if you are capable of paying for any of the subscription packages on the mentioned streaming service above, it will be a good idea and save you the stress of registering on multiple website. But if you can’t afford the fee, just follow our guide and you won’t miss any episode of GOT season 8.


Where to Watch Game of Thrones in the UK

If you’re in the UK you have two options of watching Game of Thrones season 8 live on TV. You can watch on Sky Atlantic or NOW TV. Sky Atlantic is kind of expensive so I will suggest you go for NOW TV which you will be given a free trial of 7 days after which you pay 17.99 pounds.

Where to Watch in Canada

If you are in Canada, you can watch Game of Throne on crave. Unlike the other streaming website mentioned above, Crave does not provide free trial, but if subscribe for a month, you are going to get a free 1 month access. Their packages vary, so be sure to check and select your desired package. GOT is air in Canada at the same time as the US, each week on Sunday at 9pm ET, 6pm PT.

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Where to Watch GOT in Australia

Give your in Australia foxtel give you access to watch Game of Thrones season 8 if you subscribe to their cable service for streaming service so as a new user on foxtel will be given a free 10 days trial you are required to subscribe to enjoy unlimited movies.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 8 in New Zealand

If you’re in New Zealand, the best option to watch season 8 in New Zealand is SOHO airing at 1 p.m and 8 p.m. every Monday. It is quite unfortunate that SOHO does not provide free trial so you have to pay a subscription around $24 or more depending on what you want to include. If you can afford SOHO, you can check out NEON TV as well.

Where to Watch GOT in India

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and you are living in India, you can watch each episode of the season as it airs on Hotstar. So simply log onto https://hotstar.com and sign up for a premium package starting from ₹299 ($3) for a month or ₹999 ($14) for an entire year. This is so cheap right?

Where to Watch in Africa

If you are living South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other African countries that Multi Choice is serving, you can watch the final season of GOT on dstv m-net showmax channel if you have a premium package.

Website to Download GOT for Free

If you would like to download the series on your PC. You can as well download the episode once it’s aired on popular free movie download websites such as tvshows4mobile, o2tvseries, filmy WAP, fzmovies and so on.

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