What is a Front End Developer?

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Who is a Front-end Developer?

Front-end developer is basically that type of person who works with the front-end part of a website, software, and application. Now, some of you must be thinking about what the heck front-end means? well, you need not worry about this more because in this article we have provided you with everything you need to know about front-end web development, front-end developer, front-end developer jobs and the front-end developer salary.

So if you have any questions regarding these, kindly keep reading it till the end. And we are sure that you will get all your answers below.

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What is Front-end Web Development?

Front-end web development is referred to that part of a website with which a user interacts with.

In simple words the layout of a website, such as a logo, navigation bars, images, introductory videos, and all the textual and graphical information that a user can see or interact with. To have the better understanding, kindly consider the image below.

Front End Web DevelopmentAs you can see in the image above it shows the beautiful but raw layout of a website. And Front-end developer ensures that everything is placed at their appropriate positions.

In short, how the logo will be displayed, the position of the navigation bar, services offered by website owners, social media links and much more. All these things are taken care of by the front-end web developer or front-end developer.

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What is Front-end developer?

As we mentioned above, a front-end developer is that kind of person who mainly deals with the layout of a website.

The layout of a website is designed by the graphics designer and is then later converted to the actual website with the help of coding. In order to do that front-end developers use various markup languages or technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with some frameworks as well such as bootstrap and ZURB.

By using these technologies they manage to create stunning and flawless websites which attracts the users and clients.

Scope of Front-end Developer Jobs

Front-end is the creative portion of the computer science industry. This clearly implies that no machine can ever replace the creative mindset of a human being. So as a result, the scope of front-end developer jobs is and will always be huge.

It is also a matter of fact, that it is one of the most demanded skill set in the I.T industry. Every year millions of jobs are generated due to the advancement of the internet and the increasing demand for the websites.

It has also been observed that the scope and demand for Front-end developer jobs are much higher than the back-end developer ones.

Front-end Developer Salary

Well, being the hottest career option. The salary of a front-end developer is very bankable. As the demand is high, so as the competition. The salary of front-end developer will vary with person to person depending upon their skill set and experience.

Whereas some experienced front-end developers are earning tens of thousands of dollars per month, on the other hand even the freshers with a good amount of skills are earning enough to fill up their banks.

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So here we are providing you with the average front-end developer salary, which is nearly around $76,000.

In markets where the competition for top tech talent is scary, the median salary can climb up to more than $100,000 as well. And it is expected to increase more in near future.

Resources to learn Front-end Development

As Front-end is a part of web development. So you can follow the links we mentioned below.


Our Recommendation – W3schools.com. This website is widely used to learn web development. The reason we are recommending this to you because it has all the necessary features you need to learn web development. For example – Their online text editor which allows you to write and edit code online without the worry of downloading a separate text editor on your device.

It also has multiple examples, references and on top of that the simplest UI which makes learning more easy and appealing. Not only that this website also offers some additional tips and tricks for web development learning candidate. So keep that in mind. Rest the choice is yours.

Conclusion – So if you think that you have that courage, creative mindset and love for web-development then you can surely go for front-end development. It’s a great career option for the people who appreciate challenges and continues learning.

So this was all regarding Front-end web development, Front-end developer, Front-end developer jobs and the front-end developer salary. If you have any better suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

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