Best Ways To Increase Traffic On Website 2018

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Discover ways to increase traffic on your website through SEO

Looking for the best way to increase website traffic fast? There are no “Increase website traffic software” you should rely on. It doesn’t work out anymore unlike before.
Google now have Engineers working on their Algorithm every single day with Google Panda aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, in particular “content farms”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.
The best way to get real visitors to your website is through Search Engine Optimization and it is part of what I will be teaching you today.
If you ask any blogger out there; What is the most important thing you want for your blog? He is gonna reply you that traffic is all that he need because, more traffic can or could generate to prospective leads ($$$ in quote)!

Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic (Get Ready to Work SMART!)

Getting traffic to a website can be a daunting task some times but it has been made easier with Social media network serving as a referring agent.
These are 5 ways I get website traffic for a variety of sites I monetize personally. After you read this and I ask you to comment one of your tips for increasing traffic, so we can turn this article into a pot of gold to help each other and newbies understand how to get traffic to a website with SEO. There is so much guru BS out there so lets start some intelligent discussions we can all build on.

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1) Target your page 2-3 organic rankings
Like I always say, the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

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Ranking on page 2 – 3 of Google and other search engines is useless for traffic, forget about it! Nobody looks through those pages except people like me and you who want to know if they are ranking for a keyword.
If you are on this pages, then do doubt that you won’t be on page 74 and page 400 as well. But did you know you can usually give posts that are ranking on page two and three a quick boost just by playing with your internal linking?

Use a paid tool like Ahref or Semrush to identify the keywords and pages that are on page two and page 3 of Google SERPs. Write them down or copy them to notepad; after you are doing finding and noting down potential targets. What you should do is find pages on your blog / website that have some good juice to toss at those pages.
To check pages with good metrics on Ahrefs, what you’ll have to do is to navigate to the left hand side of the browser when you’ve logged in. Locate and click on top pages where you’ll be re-directed to a list of pages on your blog listed according to how strong those pages are. The more stronger a page is, the powerful the link juice it passes to those pages on page 2 and 3.
Trust me, it would hit first page in less than 1 week after Google find out you linked out to an external page.

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2) Use PPC copy from top companies in your page descriptions

According to BHW, page description is very vital and doesn’t mean shit! You could include keywords in your search description but it isn’t going to help your rankings.
A lot of people would say, when you include target or focus keywords in search description, it would help with the click through because the person is likely to click on the page if they see the same keyword they just searched for.

It makes sense but if you look at some descriptions they just look so awkward with the keyword slapped in there.. Nobody is going to be impressed and want to click on some bullshit just because it includes a keyword.. I get all my description copy ideas from people that are spending crazy money testing ads… PPC advertisers!

I will do a search on Google related to the keyword of the page or post I want to write description for and look at the top Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Keep in mind that these advertisers are spending heaps of money split testing copy and they aren’t just pulling random lines of copy out of their ass! They value their money too much to do that.
PPC ads on top are spending the most and have the best click through so it is a good source of copy that attracts people to make them want to click.

So I look at the best ads that would attract anyone to click on it and get my description copy there.

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Try it! A lot of websites have good rankings but their meta descriptions suck so bad to the extent nobody wants to or click on their pages – Top ranks are worthless unless they entice people to click on them.

Have you learnt something today or you know other ways to increase traffic on website? Feel free to use the comment box below to ask questions and contribute to Tech Punch.

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