Uber is hiring robotics teams to work on bikes and scooters

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Find and read the latest about UBER: Uber is hiring robotics team to work on Bikes and Scooters For Easy Transportation.

News reaching to us that Uber is about to resume its self-driving car program and is already thinking of expanding their technology to a two-wheeled service.

According to The Telegraph, “Uber is on a search for Micromobility roboticsteams that would bring sensing and robotnics technology to their bikes and Scooters.”

While the exact plans aren’t clear, the newspaper believed this would lead to rides that park themselves — important when carelessly parked scooters are a plague in some cities.

Uber declined to comment.

However, before we start to see the fruits of whatever Uber is planning to work on, it is going to take a while because they are just on their search for the robotics engineering team.

It wouldn’t be shocking if self-parking bikes and scooters are in the cards, mind you, and not just for tidiness reasons. Uber is facing stiff competition from Lime, Lyft and numerous other entrants.

This would give it a way to stand out, not to mention ingratiate itself with city officials who’d otherwise balk. It might even save Uber money in the long run. If your ride could park itself, Uber wouldn’t need to hire as many “juicers” (scooter rechargers) and other maintenance workers to keep these transportation options running.

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