Top Three Best Samsung Smartwatch 2019

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Samsung has managed to posses a very high reputation in the tech business. They are one of the finest makers of smartwatches in the entire world. In this post, we will take a look at some of the Best Samsung Smartwatch 2019. Samsung is currently leading in our review of best smartwatches in the world with their newly release samsung galaxy watch. Samsung entered the smartwatch manufacturing business in 2013 and has never dropped since then. They are still on top of their game and can be considered as one of the best tech companies in the world today.

From their smartphones, I think we can all say that samsung always manages to break from the norm and invent something better than others. Samsung watches can also act as fitness trackers. They can be used for sports and fitness purposes. The samsung smartwatch is a wearable state-of-the-art-tech.

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Although, smartwatches have been in existence for quite a number of years, their breakthrough into the market of technology is only recent. With different manufacturing companies coming up with ideas every day, the smart watch-invention has seen a lot of change and development. Smart watches have gone past their normal functions of displaying the time and date. Different functions have been added to this little sized computer. Games, calculations, calls and messaging, fitness examination and, sometimes health check up, can now be performed easily with the help of a smart watch.

Considering the importance and value added to this device, so many manufacturing companies have tried to innovate and create something distinctive and rare in the market of technology. However, Samsung is no doubt the best and most trusted manufacturer of technological products.

Since its inception, Samsung has always been a top brand in technology and innovative science. With years of development and consistency, they’ve proven to be the best when it comes to the manufacture of technological products and devices. And smart watches have not been left out of their numerous products. From the Galaxy Watch series, Gear series, even to the Gear Sport series, Samsung smart watches have these specifications that just make them unique and different from others.

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Before moving into the list of the best Samsung watches, here are some general specs all Samsung smart watches have in common.


It is certain that you’ve been to the hospital once, or a number of times, so the thermometer is not a new thing at all. They help to measure the body’s temperature. Samsung smart watches have this in-built thermometer. And it helps to measure, display and record the temperature of its wearer.


The accelerometer is an eletromechanic device used to measure acceleration force. And interestingly, this happens to be another in-built feature of Samsung smart watches. The function of the accelerometer is to detect movements – like skipping, jumping, walking or running, made by the wearer.


This is no doubt an important device for pilots, drivers, sailors, etc. The compass helps redirect the steps of a lost traveler, or even finding the location of a place. Wearers of Samsung smart watches can detect direction in a matter of seconds.

Wireless Charging

Wireless connections and wireless networks are terms we are already conversant with. But have you ever heard of wireless charging? This is what makes smart watches made by Samsung exceptionally cool. A little bit of science and action is all it takes to do this.

Let us go into some things we need to check first before buying a samsung smartwatch

Factors to consider before buying a samsung smartwatch

There are many things one needs to put into consideration before you buy your first smartwatch. There are many makers of smartwatches in the world today but we are only going to focus on Samsung for now. Samsung smartwatches are of very high quality and you want to make sure you get nothing but the best. These are the things you need to look out for before you buy a smartwatch from the market.

  1. Budget: You have to spend within your budget and not go for something you cannot currently afford. If you have enough money for the gear s3 series and not enough for the galaxy watch series, go for the gear s3. The gear s3 is cool as well.
  2. Purpose: There are some people who buy smartwatches mainly for tracking their fitness. If you fall under this umbrella, then you might need to just buy the samsung sport gear watch.
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Best Samsung Smart Watches

The Galaxy Watch Series

The galaxy watch series has been the best samsung smartwatch so far. They are very useful for anybody and are cheaper than apple smartwatches. When we wrote about our best smartwatch, the samsung galaxy topped the list because of its unique features and amazing design. There are other many other samsung galaxy watch series that can be of use to you.

  • Galaxy Watch [46mm]:- This is both a smart watch and a Bluetooth device. Apart from being dust and water resistant, it is compatible with Android 5.0 and above. Features include: Durable battery life, 1.5GB RAM, body fitness and wellness tracker (including over 39 workout activities), and Wi-Fi/GPS. Available in Silver colour. The bluetooth feature is almost everybody’s favorite feature. a lot of people have found it really useful to use the bluetooth while on the move. Another thing we love most about this Samsung galaxy watch is the ability to track your fitness and health. It has a sensor that keeps track of your exercises and acts as a fitness and health tracker. In the world we live in today, one of the things we need the most is a sound health and this Samsung smartwatch helps to make sure of that.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch [42mm]:- A smart watch that possesses strength and balance. This amazing product of the galaxy series has an intriguing feature that allows connection to both Android and IOS devices, via Bluetooth. Other features include: Strong and lasting battery life, wireless charge and an in-built health tracker. Mostly common in Rose-gold. The 42mm smartwatch has some important features any samsung galaxy smartwatch should have also. It is a bit smaller than the 46mm smartwatch but still has its specs and features intact.
  • Galaxy Watch Active [40mm]:– Available in both rose-gold and silver, the galaxy watch active has some crazy features that includes; Battery life (up to 110hours), health checker and heart rate monitor, GPS, voice commands, also compatible with Android and IOS devices. This is best for smaller wrists and younger people. All the specs needed still remain intact despite the reduced size.
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The Gear watch series

The gear watch is next on our list. The gear sport series is the new-schooln watch. It is made with the latest tech and has a very sleek high-end design. This is both fashionable and quality. Samsung has never let their customers down.

  • Gear S3 Frontier:- This device has been made specially to withstand water, dust, harsh temperature conditions and even occasional drops from the hand of its owner. It is compatible with Android and IOS device (via Bluetooth), access texts, calls and notifications. Available in black.
  • Gear S3 Frontier SM-R760 [46mm]:- Here’s another product under the Gear Watch series. Mostly available in dark grey, this model of the gear watch series has an internal memory of 4GB and has a resistance to water and dust. The dust and water resistant capacity is one of the things that make this watch standout from others.
  • Gear S2 Smart watch:- With a dual core processor of 1GHz, this smart watch does not only resist water and other physicals, it has an internal storage of 4GB and a RAM of 512MB.

The Gear Sport Series

The gear sport series is one of the finest watches ever made by Samsung. The software in this particular smartwatch is very effective. One thing people complained about is that is the limited exercise tracking. We would have loved it if it could track any exercise we are doing but there is a limit to the amount of exercise it can track.

  • Gear Sport R600 [43mm]:- This smart watch has the following features; compatibility with both Android and IOS devices, SMS/Email/Calls notifications, wireless connection, pedometer (steps tracker)
  • Gear Sport:- IOS and Android compatibility, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection, SMS/Calls notifications







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