Top Ten Best Offline Music Downloader for iPhone

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Download Free Offline Music Downloader App for iPhone

iPhone users will be really excited to see this considering they have to buy almost every song on their devices. To enjoy your music offline, you need to download it to your phone first and that is possible when you have an Offline music Downloader for iPhone. Normally, we do pay for music on an app before we can enjoy using them but this case is different. We don’t need to explain why you need to download a song offline before enjoying it, do we? Almost everybody prefers to download their music offline so they can enjoy it whenever they want.

We will recommend that you use a computer to download the music to your iPhone because it costs you nothing. There are also some websites that allows you to download songs for free and then you can transfer them to your iPhone. As you can see, there are numerous ways to download offline music on an iPhone but we will also be showing you some offline music downloader that can work for you. It does not matter the steps you take to download the songs, so far they are legal and get you what you want.

Offline music Downloader for iPhone

  1. imyfone TunesMate

iTunes is the original music platform for all iPhone users but there are some limitations to using iTunes. When you send songs from another source to your phone, iTunes usually deletes existing files when synchronizing so it is more advisable that you use a media transfer tool for iPhone such as imyfone TunesMate. These are good transfer tools that work well for iPhone users. In fact, they are the best and guarantee that you get the result you need. One must have a PC to use it because it is a software that is compatible with an iPhone and only helps to transfer media files from your PC to your iOS device.

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It allows you transfer media files iPhones, iTunes and even your computer. You can use it as an Offline music Downloader for iPhone. This is also one of the best ways to download music to your iPhone and listen to it on your iPhone music app. Tunesmate works well on windows and mac. It is a third-party software that acts as an iTunes alternative for iPhone users with PCs. It is the most recommended way to download offline music on your iPhone for free.

This is not just a media transfer tool because it can also help you rebuild your damaged iTunes library. This does not require any extra knowledge on programming, coding or tech skill…well, maybe a little bit of basic tech skills but it is very easy to use and has a cool understandable layout almost anyone can operate. There are two ways to transfer your files to your iPhone. You can either use the old fashioned way of copying them to your phone when it is connected to your PC or using the drag and drop feature.

  • This tool helps to transfer ringtones, photos, audiobooks, movies, music and many more.
  • You can as well download your favorite series and drop all episodes into a folder and transfer them to your phone using this tool.
  • You can also transfer files to your iPhone without deleting old files.
  • It also acts as a backup and restore tool when you need it to be.
  • You can share music with friends and also access the files on their phone with this tool.
  • Also, it can restore lost iTunes data in only a matter of few minutes.
  • Apart from that, you can edit the music info like artist name, album name, song title, year of release of song, genre etc.
  1. Official Music App for iPhones

You might need to pay for the songs you want to download but you can also download from your computer and not have to pay for it when you transfer to your phone. iPhone music app is the number recommended offline music downloader for iPhone because it syncs your songs and allows you listen directly from the cloud. You can also import songs from CDs and play it using this app.

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There are more than 50 million people who use this app in the world. Apple has set $9.99 price tag on the monthly subscription which allows you get access to all the songs you want and also play music on other devices that are compatible with iOS. Apple has also given android users the opportunity to use this service. This might be surprising since a lot of people thought it was for iPhones users only. Well, you can tell your friends that android users can also subscribe for the iPhone music app and get access as many songs as they want all for $9.99. As an iPhone user, you can also use this app to download songs for free by transferring from your PC.

  1. Google Play Music

A lot of people think Google play music is only available for android but you can also get it on iPhones also. This also acts as an Offline music Downloader for iPhone. This app gives you the opportunity to download any amount of songs you like and listen to them offline on your iPhone.

  • People can also upload their songs on Google play music
  • It is absolutely free to use.
  • Connect an account to up to 10 devices
  • Works in so many countries
  • Build your own custom playlist
  • You can listen to up to 50,000 songs on Google play from your personal library.
  • Subscription is free and it gives you the opportunity to watch YouTube videos with no ads.
  1. Pandora Radio

Pandora radio is also a very popular offline downloader for iPhone. This app is very simple to use and gives you the option to search for a music or an artiste’s name. Pandora is a radio-style app that allows you to create a station of music of the artiste or song choice you want. You can also give thumbs up or thumbs down to particular song. You can also download music and listen to them offline using this app.

  1. Tidal

Tidal is a music app with high sound quality. You enjoy noiseless sounds with this app. There are millions of tracks available for download on this app which you can play whenever you want. This app produces a high-quality sound and high definition window. On Tidal, you get access to more than 40 million tracks to download and plat offline. Tidal is unique tool for downloading iPhone music offline. The sound quality is one of the main reasons why people prefer this over other quality iPhone music downloader.

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What iPhone offline music downloader do you use apart from all these ones? Recommend us a list and we will make sure to add them to our list of top ten best offline music downloader for iPhone.

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