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Over the years, having a personal blogger logo doesn’t count as being a seriously minded blogger who wants to make money online. Blogging has evolved to become a professional job. It wasn’t 3 years back while I was still in senior high school. I’m a teen don’t be surprised. Then there’s this feeling that people who run and manage a blog aren’t serious about making money and cater for their families but now I can bet they won’t be able to say that anymore.

I personally did not think that way, I see bloggers whose blog have a blogger logo as people who are really serious about blogging. This made me came up with my own logo – Tech Punch. Rate it! Isn’t it awesome?


This means that professional bloggers must think of their blog as a small business and market it accordingly. The following five blog logo designs are attractive and communicative enough to take their blog into the future.

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Top 5 Professional Blogger Logo

1. Kentucky Girl Professional Blogger Logo Design

The name suggests Southern charm, which is why the logo design is so important. The woman in the image is definitely edgy, which fluffy, bright red hair. A red, gray, and black color palette suggests that this edge is sophisticated and fashionable as well. With flowers, butterflies, and other symbols of femininity, it is easy to guess that this is a girly blog—although not the wilting violet sort of girl that you might initially guess from the name.

2. Ten Thousand Things Professional Blogger Logo Design

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The background for this blog’s logo design is outer space, which can suggest infinity or merely that the blog posts on somewhat random topics. The use of a circle—not just once, but repeatedly—brings up friendly, inclusive feelings in the viewer. The way several small circles are combined to create a single whole is a modern and attractive while also suggesting that this blog brings together diverse concepts. Green is a calming and natural color, but also one identified heavily with the software industry. The writing is simple, but anything more would detract from the simplicity and beauty of the image.

3. I Can Has Cheezburger Professional Blogger Logo Design

I Can Has Cheezburger logo design

This cat lovers blog is a little crazy and more than a little grammatically incorrect, which is what makes the name and the logo design so appropriate. The wording is fit into an obvious cheeseburger shape, complete with lettuce and tomato. The thick and somewhat irregular writing give a bold image that is nonetheless homegrown. This logo design is fun and definitely relevant to the name.

4. L’Effet Crea Professional Blogger Logo Design

LEffet Crea logo design

This blog has a logo design that is modern and feminine at the same time. Brown is a fashionable color right now, so it makes a perfect background. The brown also helps the bright blue, pink, and white to stand out more without appearing cluttered or offensively bright. Again we see butterflies, flowers, and all things girly, although the effect is very different from the other blog logos we have looked at.

5. Penguin & Fish Professional Blogger Logo Design

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Penguin & Fish logo design

This oddly named blog has a logo design that ties directly into the name. The image of a friendly, ultra-modern penguin and fish dominate the logo design. Shades of brown and gray give a modern feeling and keep the logo from being too cartoony. Lower case lettering in a modern, rounded font adds to the contemporary yet cutesy air. People who see this logo design will be curious about the blog, which in turn invites more readers.

Know of any other profession blogger logo(s) and you want me to list them here or your own personal blogger logo is awesome than all these here. Drop a link to the image in the comment box below.

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