Top 4 Businesses You Can Invest in and Make Quick Money in Nigeria

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There are thousands of profitable businesses in Nigeria but not all of these businesses yield quick profit. It takes a considerable length of time before some businesses start yielding profit. However, many Nigerians –especially the young ones –want quick profit and by reason of this, they switch from one business to another when quick profit is not guaranteed.

This very article comprises the top 4 businesses you can invest in and expect to make quick money. Although some of these businesses necessitate laying down substantial capital, they have the potentials of bringing in quick profit.

Viewing Centre

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In many places you go in Nigeria, you will find viewing centres where people pay to watch football matches. This business guarantees you quick profit because many sociable Nigerians go to viewing centres rather than watch football matches in their homes.

You can make quick profit from this business because people pay as they watch football matches. Also, this business requires a lot of information about football and thrives best in cities or crowded areas where there are students and other football lovers.

Game Centre

Game centres are organized places where people go to play games in exchange for money. Setting up a game centre requires some capital but the most important thing is the business location. Game lovers are mostly found in the domestic quarters across cities. Also, you need to find out the kinds of games people cherish most. Some of these games can be board games (such as chess), snooker, table tennis and video games.

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By hosting a game centre, people will pay you for every game played. And one way to retain customers in this business is to be friendly to them and even give them bonuses.


By investing in this business, you can have a large store where people go regularly to purchase consumables, household items, cosmetics, confectioneries and lots more. Although this business requires substantial capital, it will surely guarantee quick profit especially when set up in an urbanized area such as Lagos

Fast Food Restaurant

In as much as your business location is inhabited by people, you have every opportunity to make quick money through this business. Undoubtedly, food is essential for sustenance and some Nigerians have little or no time to cook food by themselves. Consequently, they look around for where they can get fast foods such as Indomie noodles.

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