5 hidden things you never knew google search engine do

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This article will guide you on how to make any research on Google search engine professionally.Not everyone might find this article interesting because I knew, some believe that they can get any information they needed once they input the “keywords” of whatever they wanted to search on Google. Well that’s not bad tho. Nevertheless there are some factors that you probably may or might have never know about how to search professionally on Google search engine. `Google have made some vital Improvements to their search engine algorithm in order to improve user experience and better search results.

Have you ever searched for any word on Google search engine, but the result you are getting is not straightforward or it doesn’t contain what you are looking for? Well am going to teach you best way to go about this so that you will learn to search professionally on Google search engine.

Search engine calculator: do you know that Google search engine have a supported sites that will provides faster calculation device that you may or might have not come across before? It is very easy to use and also it doesn’t cost any data when you want to use it for calculation. To fire up Google search engine calculator, here is what you should type on your search box: “calculator: 20+3” (you can use any digit) but the most important thing is to attach “calculate:” followed by any numerical value. Below is the screenshot of what Search engine calculator looks like.

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Language Translator: with the language translator, Google have made it absolutely easy for you to translate up to 10k-50k words or more. There is no need searching for website that offers’ language translation services, because Google have all the features required of every translator. So one thing that you ought to know is there is no rocket science needed for learning how to make use of search engine Language Translator other than to just open “Google search box” and then type this “translate: Spanish-English” (you can translate any language) only what you needed most is this keyword” translate:” then followed by the specific languages you wanted to do translation on such as (Portuguese- English, English-French etc.). here is the screenshot of what search engine Language Translator looks like.

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Currency converter: have you ever being embarrassed whenever you asked your friends or close neighbor the rate of naira to dollar and vice-versa. They may laugh at you at the moment before they gave you the answer you needed, although the answer they gave you sometimes is not mostly correct” but don’t worry this article, will make you feel like a boss next time. You will be the one to gist them on the current rate of every foreign currency. Do you know that you have what you are looking for at your finger-tip? Google have made it simple for us to convert any currency whether Naira, dollar, pounds, euros that we want to check its rate easily. Only what you should is to open your Google search box and type this “convert: Naira-Usd” (you can convert to any currency) but the most important keyword to note is “convert:” so therefore you can get exact rate of every foreign currency as equivalent to the value of your locals currency.

Nearest places: sometimes we might move into a new location that we are not yet familiar with its activities and other stuffs going on. With google search engine map you can get to know all that is going on in that environment more than the older habitats of that location. (click here for proves). We are not going deep on this but am going to explain how you can use Google search engine to find the nearest restaurant nears you. So let’s do this. On your search box enter “nearest restaurants: lekki”. Note: nearest restaurants is the keyword that I used here, you can varies it according to what you need to look up in that location such as: nearest boutique, nearest phone shop, nearest barber shop etc. then followed by any location you wanted to finds its activities. Wait! Are you surprised on how those business places got there? Don’t panic yet, your business can be listed on Google here (click on this link to register your business on Google ). So let’s continue below screenshot of “nearest restaurants: lekki” Lagos, Nigeria.

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Weather results: this is mostly handy for any one that wanted to finds out the current weather updates of the city he/she is planning to travel. You don’t have to panic again whenever you wanted to make preparation for travelling. It is very important to always check the current weather updates of anywhere you are going to, in order to help you make faster decision on how you will make the travel. Not everybody finds it comfortably travelling while it rains or when there is a heavy sunshine. So it depends on you to know what works for you. With Google search engine, you can get accurate weather forecast result of any city, country, and location at every hourly intervals. To make use of search engine Weather results, just type this “weather:” preceding by any location, country or city that you wanted to check its latest weather results updates. For e.g. here is how I did mine “weather: Lagos” so therefore it’s very easy and very helpful whenever you are travelling to another city, country, and location.

This is the screenshot of “Lagos, Nigeria. As at Tuesday 12:00am 5th December 2017” obtained from Google search engine weather results.

There are many wonderful and amazing things that you can use Google search engine to do. so try and explore the search engine at your own convenient time.


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