Programming Internships In The United States

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Where to do programming internships in the United States

Are you an aspiring web developer or android developer and is looking for where to do internship as a computer programmer? Or you’re already an immediate web developer or a badass android developer and you are looking for the best startup company or already established companies where you can apply for programming internships? Do not be bothered any longer as I’ll be sharing with you on Tech Punch today a list of where you do programming internship in the United States.

These programmer intership position 2018 are culled from a job board identified as Simply hired. You can click on the link directly to know more about these internship positions.

Computer Programming Internships Job

1. Programming Internship (Central Technology)
Network/Systems Programming Intern (Sherman Oaks, CA): Help research cutting edge games technology and contribute to network and systems engineering projects.

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Working knowledge of C++
Experience with network programming (TCP, UDP, security, NAT, etc.), client/server architecture, database development experience
Experience with network trace tools such as wireshark
Working knowledge of 802.11 wireless protocols

Online Programming Intern (Sherman Oaks, CA): Work on complex projects such as data analytics, recommendation engines, logging, and network data optimization.

Working knowledge of Python, Javascript, and Node.js
Experience with Django, React/Redux, and Linux
Experience with web development, client/server architecture, and database development experience
Experience with C++, network programming (TCP, UDP, security, NAT, etc), UI/UX, Vagrant, and Docker is a plus


Programming Intern (Playa Vista, CA): Participate in R&D projects related to performance capture and character animation. You will also assist in developing, maintaining, and supporting asset creation pipelines and tools which integrate with different specific studio pipelines.

Solid knowledge of Python, C++, and object-oriented programming practices
Knowledge of mathematics for 3D graphics, particularly linear algebra
A passion for innovation
Experience with computer vision, numerical optimization, and Maya is a plus.
Qt/PyQt/PySide development is a plus

Programming Intern (Seattle, WA): Work on the Call of Duty engine and asset pipeline to enable new modes of gameplay and improve the content creator experience across the entire franchise. Have an opportunity to directly impact our next generation of game titles.

Working knowledge of and experience with modern C/C++
Experience writing code for games and/or game tools/editors is a plus
Experience working in legacy code bases is a plus
Multi-threading, optimization, and/or systems programming highly preferred

Programming Intern (Portland, ME): Work on problems such as procedural geometry, shader optimization, stereoscopic 3-D rendering, Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces, and GPU microcode optimization.

Working knowledge of C++
Experience with at least one game-related domain (graphics, networking, embedded systems)
Multi-threading, optimization, and/or artificial intelligence algorithms are a plus
Practical facility in a language such as Perl or Python

Tools Intern (Santa Monica, CA): Help support level editor technology shared across our studios.

Working knowledge of C++
Experience in writing code for game tools and editors (eg plugins for Unity, Unreal, etc…)
Familiarity with UI frameworks (Qt or .NET is a plus)
Practical facility in languages such as Python and C# is a plus

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2. Research Summer Intern-Undergraduate
The work location will be one of the following:
Yorktown Heights, New York
San Jose, California
Albany, New York
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Austin, Texas

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

Experience in general programming skills in one or more of these languages: Java, Javascript, Python, C++, Node.js, LISP
Knowledge of software engineering practices including agile processes

Preferred Tech and Prof Experience

Usage of machine learning environments (e.g., R, scikit-learn, Theano, Torch, etc.)
Experience in Data Mining/Automated Knowledge Acquisition, Representation & Reasoning
Experience in Characterization and validation of cognitive systems via User studies
Background in electrical engineering and control theory
Semiconductor processing

3. Applied Scientist Internship – Computer Vision
Job Description
Are you working towards a MS or PhD degree in the fields of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning? Are you graduating after August 2019? If so than we want to talk to you about our internship opportunities in one of our Computer Vision teams at Amazon.

We are currently hiring for multiple teams including:
A9 – Visual Search
Amazon AI (AWS Rekognition)
Amazon Go
Amazon Robotics

Basic Qualifications
In the process of obtaining a Masters or Ph.D. degree (Ph.D strongly preferred) in Engineering, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Statistics or related fields
Theory and practice of designing experiments and statistical analysis of results.
An understanding of machine learning, algorithms and computational complexity.
Experience in understanding and ability to implement algorithms in computer vision using both toolkits and self-developed code.
Skills with Java, C++, or other programming language, as well as with R, MATLAB, Python or similar scripting language
Ability to relate to and solve business problems through machine learning, data mining and statistical algorithms.
Strong aspiration to push your ideas into production, overcoming obstacles, in order to benefit Amazon’s customers.
Preferred Qualifications.

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These are all the programming internships I know of. Know of any and you want me to add it to this list. Take your time by giving me full details below. Thanks.

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