Best Offline Empire Building Games for Android in 2019

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Recommended list of Offline Empire Building Games for Android

Have you ever wondered how cool it will be to have your own empire? You have a whole kingdom to yourself and enforce the rules you set. This is one of the beautiful things about technology. Technology has made it easy for people to build an empire through a game. Nowadays there are lots of offline empire building games for android and you will be seeing some of them in this post. Offline Empire building games are some of the best games in the world. They give you control and allow you to make and enforce your own decisions not to mention the amazing graphics in these games.

One can easily conclude that empire building games are one of the best enjoyed game categories in the entire universe. Gaming has been getting better over time but one unique thing is that these games are still in vogue. Some games have been in existence for a long time but dues to the updating of these games, it has made the gaming company last long. Gaming has been a whole different kind of culture for teenms and adults also. Many people prefer to play arcade games, football, action, racing games, wrestling and many other genres while many others just prefer to build empires of their own from gaming and conquer the world which they built themselves.

Best offline empire building games

Now, let us take a look at some of the best empire building games in 2019. These games have some of the best graphics, sound effects and avatars one could ever wish for. Below are some of the best offline empire building games in the world:

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1. XCOM: Enemy within

Xcom: enemy within is an advanced pack of the Xcom: enemy unknown video game. You can find this game on google play. This extended version has new missions, soldiers, abilities, maps and a whole new different kind of enemy. You need to purchase this game before you can play and it costs only $10 on google play. This game was released in late 2013. This game was initially released for windows,Xbox360 and playstation3. Now, there is an android and iOS version available on playstore. The game-play is the same as the intial Xcom game (enemy unknown) but this version has some features which the former doesn’t.

2. Plague Inc

Plague inc is an amazing empire building game. The gameplay is off the hook and very interesting. In the game, Your pathogen has just infected ‘Patient Zero’. Now you must bring about th amaze end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself. We cannot have a complete list of best offline empire building games for android without adding plague inc to the list. Like the name implies, it is about a plague set free in the city to destroy the whole of humanity. This game is amazing and features amazing graphics with some of the best sound effects any empire building game can have.

3. Cards and castles

Cards and castles is another mad ass game everybody wants to play. This app is an offline strategy game of card collection that allows you to build your own world. This is a combo of an amazing CCG and tactical game into one whole pack. You collect cards to destroy your enemy’s castle using enchantments, spells and some other features embedded in the game. There is a combo of cards abilities you can choose from to defeat your enemy.

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4. War Inc

War inc is a military game with a cool combat system, great battle and an intelligent unit. Your aim is to defeat your enemies and performing your duty for the modern world. This game allows you to train your armies to your taste and also has a multiplayer feature for you to play with your friend. You can hire commander, build your own army, get heavy weapons, snipers, marines etc. In fact, this is one of the most highly rate games in the world. It is available on google play for free.

5. Plants vs zombies

Plants vs zombie is a modern world game filled with funny scenes. This is also an award-wining empire building game to enjoy. All you have to do is amass an army of amazing plants, supercharge them with Plant Food, and devise the ultimate plan to protect your brain.

6. Banner saga

This is a simple offline empire building game where you embark on a journey to save your people. Your strategy greatly influences your personal life in this game and also the world around you. Lead your people to war and defeat the enemy for the good of the whole kingdom. It is available on google play but not for free. You can install this game for just $10 and the great feeling of leading a clan into battle for the good of your kingdom.

7. ICE – Minimalistic Strategy

This is a different strategy game. This game is unique and easy to play. The graphics is not too bad also, and the game play is something to experience. Control your army of ships and capture those who work for your enemy. This game can get challenging when you go deep. The only way to win in this game is to capture everything. You can download this gamed on play store for free and enjoy. There may be some in-app purchases to be made but the free version is cool enough to play with.

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8. Kingdom rush

You don’t need to go online to play this game. This fantasy defence game is available for download on android smartphones and tablets. It is a very interesting game to play. Just like banner saga, you need to embark on an epic journey to save your country from the enemies. The enemies are mythical creatures like orcs, wizards, trolls and many others. It also features a great graphical display and battle location. Fight on mountains, hills, forests and roof tops.

9. Glory General

Glory general is an offline empire building game that requires you to make adequate use of battlefield terrai ns and defence facilities to each unit to gain an advantage. This game also has an online multiplayer feature. You can download it on google playstore for free.

10. Star command

Star command is a fantasy game. Your main aim is to manage a starship while battling with alien invasion and dealing with the horrible deaths of your crew members. This is an interesting horror game everyone really needs to play. If you are a gamer, then this will surely be a good experience for you. There is also a feature that helps you deal the loss of crew members by allowing you to revive them.

And those are our recommended list of Offline Empire building games for Android users. You can get to download these apps on Google Playstore or any other game directory online. Want to share with us your best offline empire building game for android? Let us hear you via the comment box below.

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