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How to Get Job in National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN)



NAPTIN Recruitment Guide – http://www.naptin.org.ng

The National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN) was established on 23rd March 2009 and commenced full operation in September, 2009. The main aim of establishing NAPTIN was and still is to provide training for power sector personnel and coordinate training activities in the Power sector in Nigeria. In pursuit of this mandate, therefore, NAPTIN has taken over the management of existing seven regional training centres of PHCN.

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NAPTIN plans to embark on the development of a world-class training program which will require many international experts working with Nigerian experts.  NAPTIN training focus will be along the following themes: Technical course (covering Generation, Transmission and Distribution), Management/Computer Application skills, Commercial/Financial, Leadership/Business, Regulatory/Reform courses.

  • Website: http://www.naptin.org.ng/
  • Headquarters: Plot 1124, Eldoret close, Wuse 2, off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.
  • Founded: 2009
  • Type: Public
  • Industry: Education Services (especially for people with interest in the Power sector)

NAPTIN Corporate Headquarters

Plot 1124 Eldoret Close,

Off Aminu Kano Cresent, Wuse II, Abuja,

P.M.B. 596 Garki, Abuja.

Email: support@naptinportal.com, info@naptin.org.ng, teeallenso@yahoo.com, teeallenso@naptin.com

Telephone: 2347067777818; 23408057777266.

Career opportunities at NAPTIN

There is a lot of exciting career opportunities at NAPTIN. The institute is committed to the development of home-grown, nevertheless globally saleable professionals in all areas of electricity field especially in engineering, technology, accounting, communication, management and statistics and HR. The staff of the institute is trained both locally and internationally to enhance their capacity.

What We Offer at NAPTIN

NAPTIN makes available opportunities for hardworking and self-motivated individuals to work and struggle for positions as they may become available. Our main considerations (during a 1 year probation period) in taking on personnel are:

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  1. Established aptitude of the individual to gain knowledge fast.
  2. Enthusiasm to take on responsibility and also display initiative plus
  3. An obligation to independent, perpetual Self-Development, through the use of a lot of in-house resources that are made readily accessible to all personnel.

NAPTIPTraining Centres

NAPTIN’s Regional Training Centers are:

  1. Naptin Main Campus, Abuja
  2. RTC, Afam
  3. RTC, Akangba
  4. RTC, Ijora
  5. RTC, Jos
  6. RTC, Kaduna
  7. RTC, Kainji
  8. RTC, Kano
  9. RTC, Oji, Enugu

NAPTIP Training Programmes

  1. Accredit Courses
  2. Scheduled Courses:
    • Technical Courses
    • Non-technical Courses
  3. Open/Tailored Courses

Technical Courses:

The technical courses offered by the institute are as follows:

  1. Generator Protection (P3)
  2. Basic Instrument and Control Course for Technicians
  3. Basic Instrument and Control Course for Engineers
  4. Steam Turbine Training Course (Pupil Engineers)
  5. Gas Turbine Training Course (Pupil Engineers)
  6. Hydro Turbine Training Course
  7. Thermal Operators Training Course Module I (Boiler Operation and its auxiliary)
  8. Thermal Operators Training Module 2
  9. Distance Protection Course (P2)
  10. SCADA System
  11. Senior Electrical Operator Course
  12. Electrical Maintenance Course on Switchgear
  13. Cable Jointing Stage II
  14. Distribution Substation Operation Course Module II
  15. Distribution Lines Maintenance Course
  16. Maximum Demand Meter
  17. Electrical Fitters Course
  18. Basic Power System Protection (P1)
  19. Electrical Maintenance Course on Transformer

Non-technical Courses:

The non-technical courses offered by the institute are:

  1. Computer Concepts & Application course for Utility Employees
  2. Advanced Microsoft Office for Professionals & Management Employees
  3. Project Management Using Microsoft Project
  4. AutoCAD for Electrical Engineer
  5. Negotiation of off-take Power and Gas Agreement – (Foreign)
  6. Financial Modelling and Business Planning for Utilities
  7. National Workshop on Financing Power Projects
  8. Executive Team and Leadership Course
  9. Regulation and Price Determination
  10. Accounting and Financial Budgeting for Electric Utilities.
  11. Revenue Cycle Management Course
  12. Performance Improvement Course
  13. Inventory Control & performance Improvement Course for Store Officers
  14. Maximum Demand Meter Course

Open/Tailored Courses

NAPTIN offers a series of Open and Tailored courses. The courses embraces the whole core training problems starting from Technical (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) to Non-technical (Management, Computer applications, Commercial, Financial, Leadership & Business, Regulatory & Reform) and Training Trainers.

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The can handle a small group of delegates (8–14 delegates) or large group (delegates of above 15).The institute makes available a relaxed, simple and pleasant environment in which to undertake the heart of these issues.

All their courses are being handled by highly experienced facilitators and delegates who have sufficient time and support to practice and perfect the tools that suit their style.

List of some training programs offered by the institute and their cost:

SN, Course Title, Course Type Duration(Weeks), Cost (NGN)

  1. Accounting For Power Purchase &Sales Of electricity Non-Technical Course 1 130,000.00
  2. Advanced Compt Office Application For Professionals Non-Technical Course 1 130,000.00
  3. Advanced Microsoft Office Application Non-Technical Course 2 100,000.00
  4. Adv Meter Installation & Revenue Management Course Technical Course 2 80,000.00
  5. Alignment Control In Steam Plant Technical Course 1 130,000.00
  6. Autocad For Electrical Engineers Non-Technical Course 1 130,000.00
  7. Autocad For Electrical Power System Technical Course 4 120,000.00
  8. Basic Computer & Internet Application Non-Technical Course 1 130,000.00
  9. Basic Power System Protection – P1 Technical Course 2 250,000.00
  10. Cable Jointing – Module 2 Technical Course 2 250,000.00
  11. Cable Jointing – Module I Technical Course 2 250,000.00
  12. Cable Jointing Training Programme (Nntsap) Nntsap 52 200,000.00
  13. Corrosion Control In Steam Plant Technical Course 1 130,000.00
  14. Distance Protection Course – Module 1 Technical Course 2 200,000.00
  15. Distance Protection Course – P2 Technical Course 2 250,000.00
  16. Distribution Line Construction And Maintenance Course – Module I Technical Course 2 250,000.00
  17. 17 Turbine Operation And Maintenance Course Technical Course 3 300,000.00

NAPTIN Recruitment

This section of the post covers how to apply for NAPTIN job. What is covered here include eligibility, program objectives,required qualifications for NAPTIN job and how to access NAPTIN Recruitment 2019/2020 portal, etc.

Some of the regular or common searches with regard to this NAPTIN job include:

  1. Is the NAPTIN Recruitment form out?
  2. When will NAPTIN Recruitment start?
  3. Where can I obtain the NAPTIN Recruitment form?
  4. I need NAPTIN Recruitment updates, etc.
  5. How can I apply for NAPTIN Recruitment 2019/2020?

Eligibility & Brief Program Objectives

NAPTIN is looking to equip the industry with the skills that will be required and are currently looking for 500 fresh graduates under the Graduate Skills Development programme.

University and Polytechnic graduates of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering who wish a career in the power sector after privatization are invited to make application for the one year skills development programme. This will provide applicants with the essential and required skills for the prospective jobs and careers in the power industry.

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The lucky candidates will be opportune to become part of the industry at the most exciting time of transformation in Nigeria’s power industry.

The institutes is on the look of highly qualified and endowed individuals who possess excellent technical skills, and who are passionate about change and who love electricity. At the end of the programme, the students would have a broad-spectrum idea of the business, a thorough understanding of a particular function, and the skills and qualifications required to take the subsequent step in their career in the privatized Nigerian electricity industry.

Requirements and Application

  1. Applicants should be University/Polytechnic Engineering graduates and must have gone through their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. They would be asked for the evidences of these during application.
  2. Applicants ought to pay for the programme as well as the cost of their accommodation and wellbeing while the programme lasts although they may be eligible for sponsorship, by their State, Local Government, companies or well intentioned Nigerians, or be self-funding.
  3. The application can be made online via the website – www.naptin.org.ng

How to Apply for NAPTIN Recruitment

To know if NAPTIN recruitment has officially commenced, we advise interested applicants to regularly visit NAPTIN official website (http://www.naptin.org.ng/) or keep visiting this page from time to time for updates.

To apply for NAPTIN Recruitment, kindly visit http://www.naptin.org.ng/ and process your recruitment form there.

Candidates whose applications meet the recruitment process online shall be invited for aptitude tests.

NAPTIN Online Application Tips:

  1. Signup to the NAPTIN Training Management Information System if you do not have an account go to the site to sign up.
  2. If you previously have an account, login to the NAPTIN TMIS portal by visiting the Training Applications Page
  3. Select the NGSDP Training Program and go ahead with the application
  4. For extra Enquiries, you could contact the Graduate Skills Development Programme Help Desk, through the address below:
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Career Tips

How to Get a Job in National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI)




NCRI Recruitment Portal – https://www.ncribadeggi.org.ng

Here in this guide, I shall be discussing briefly NCRI Recruitment 2018. Yes, vacancies exists in the National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) especially for graduate and non-graduates in Nigeria who are seriously looking for a job and will like to work with the NCRI. National Root Crops Research Institute

Application for National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) job is done online via the agency’s online job application/recruitment portal. This article is designed to intimate you on the relevant information like requirements, guidelines, qualifications, how to apply, and steps to succeed in this job application.

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Kindly follow this guide to the end to get all the information that you need on National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) recruitment for 2019/2020

Popular Job Queries on NCRI recruitment.

Over time, we have received a lot of requests from our readers on whether the recruitment exercise into the National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) is ongoing or not. Some of the popular questions people keep asking us include:

  1. How Can I Apply for NCRI?
  2. When will NCRI Recruitment start?
    1. Is the NCRI Recruitment v`acancy 2018 Form out?
  3. Where can I obtain the 2019 NCRI form?
  4. This NCRI Recruitment Real for.
  5. NCRI Application Deadline.
  6. I need NCRI updates,

To this end, we have come up with a definitive guide on how to apply for NCRI Registration 2019, which will help you to fill a position in this agency.

About National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI)

National Root Crops Research Institute is an institute that is responsible for research on agriculture in Nigeria. It started on the 1st January on the year 1923 as an experimental farm that was setup at the Moor Plantation by the former body that was responsible for agricultural related matters called “Nigerian Department of Agriculture”. In the year 1955, the school of Agriculture was brought to existence in Nigeria.

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It was first called Eastern Nigeria Agricultural Research and Training Station (ARTS) in the year 1956, which headquarters was located at Enugu. In the year 1972, the Agricultural Research and Training Station (ARTS) were totally recognized by the federal government and it became Federal Agricultural Research and Training Station (FARTS). The Federal Agricultural Research and Training Station were later renamed by the agricultural council of Nigeria to National Root Crops Research Institute in the year 1976.

The researches conducts by the institute includes vital things in agriculture such as genetic improvement of root and tuber that are very important to the country’s economy such as sugar beets, Turmeric, Hausa Potato, Cassava, Cocoyam, Yam, Rizga, Irish Potato, and Sweet Potato. The institute also do researches on vital things that will aid in the development of agriculture in the country, it also train agricultural workers. They offer National Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas to people trained in the agricultural sector.

About NCRI Recruitment

The National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) Recruitment is out, that is why many people have been wondering how to register and get accepted. This recruitment will empower many individuals in terms of employment. However, many people have been misled on steps to apply and succeed in the ongoing recruitment.

This article will help you to have the knowledge of what will be required to get started and succeed.

General and Academic NCRI Recruitment Requirements and Qualifications

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  1. National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) expects Applicants to have HND, OND, NCE or B.Sc. degree in any field of discipline from recognized institutions to be eligible to apply for this recruitment.
  2. National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) needs only Nigerian citizen by birth or nationalization.
  3. NECO/WAEC certificates are also accepted but it must not exceed two sittings (English should be included).
  4. Applicants older than 35 years will not be qualified.
  5. National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) require a health check certificate from you doctors reports on your state of health must be attached alongside,
  6. Applicants might be required to take an online qualifying examination
  7. National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) expects you to be presence an active at work station.
  8. Candidates is expected to have at least one of this; a voters card, driving license or international passport.

How To Apply For NCRI Recruitment

Having met the requirements that are required by the National Root Crops Research Institute, what you have to do next is to visit the agency’s website and register there. Here is the link to their website https://www.ncribadeggi.org.ng/. If you have any difficulty in registration, you can contact us to help; our workers are fully ready to provide the help that you need.

Steps To Succeed In NCRI Recruitment

To succeed in the recruitment aspect, there are some necessary precautions and steps that you have to follow. This section will walk you through the dos and don’ts of the National Root Crops Research Institute (NCRI) recruitment. The following are the necessary steps to take if you want to succeed in the recruitment.

  1. You must use only original credentials, for example, using a forge credentials such as certificate may terminate your appointments or application as well
  2. The email address you used should be your personal email address. Register a mail, you can choose between Gmail or yahoo mail; both accounts are absolutely free, simple and fast to operate
  3. Subscribe to theemail list of this website to get notified on changes or updates.
  4. Register early it might be on a first come first serve basis, early registration is good
  5. Ensure that you do not disclose your registration details such as username or password to another person, it should be confidential else you may lose the offer. As the impersonator involve may claim the offer.
  6. Do not register more than one time, as doing so may disqualify you from the recruitment.
  7. Dress decently if you are called for interview; do not over dress or dress extravagantly to avoid disqualification.
  8. Do not be misled with fake information. This is because it might be corrects as at the time they knew it. Such article might be an outdated article currently, just keep coming to our site to get the correct information.
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Career Tips

How to Get a Job in National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI)




NVRI Recruitment Portal – www.nvri.gov.ng

It could be recalled that the first panzootic of Rinderpest in West Africa which occurred between the years 1885 to1890, led to the deaths of more than 90% of the cattle population. It is also noted that the second panzootic nemesis occurred between 1913 and 1914, which resulted in a sudden decrease of cattle population, which was about 9.01million to 2.7 million. The scar left by this outbreaks led to the establishment of Veterinary services in the Southern and Western Africa by the colonial masters.

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In the Western Africa, the Veterinary Department was situated in Zaria under the West African protectorate; this took place in the year 1913. The aim of the Veterinary Department was to conduct census on live stocks, implement some disease control measures such as isolation and quarantine, and conduct disease surveys. This was carried out with the help of Native Authority Administration and the Village Heads. The Department, however, was moved as a Veterinary Laboratory In the year 1924 to a location called “Vom”; which is located on the “Bauchi Plateau”. Still in that 1924, the first anti-rinderpest serum was produced. That was to control the rinderpest future outbreaks.

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The National Veterinary Research Institute can boast of well trained and experienced Scientists that are good in research from various fields of Veterinary Sciences, Applied Sciences, Animal Husbandry, and Medical Laboratory. They are mainly focusing on researches that will bring about development of new vaccines and alternatives that can be used in combating and controlling livestock and poultry diseases.


The National Veterinary Research Institute mandate as quoted states that “By virtue of the Agricultural Research Institute Decree 35 of 1975, the name Federal Department of Veterinary Research was changed to National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) and has its Mandate as follows:”

  1. To Train intermediate Manpower in Veterinary Laboratory Technology and Animal Health and Production Technology.
  2. To provide Surveillance and Diagnosis of animal diseases
  3. To provide Extension Services to poultry and livestock farmers
  4. To introduce Exotic Stock for improved egg, meat and milk production
  5. To Develop and Produce animal Vaccines, Sera and Biological to meet the National demand
  6. To conduct Research into all aspects of animal diseases, their Treatment and Control.


The mission statement of the National Veterinary Research Institute is “To be the foremost veterinary research institute in Africa, producing international quality vaccines and offering services for the identification, control, and eradication of economically important livestock diseases, through best practices, research excellence, and applying modern technology, with highly trained, experienced and motivated personnel”

About NVRI Recruitment

It is said by many that the recruitment  form of National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) is around the corner, we have also notice how many people have been searching the internet to find tips on how to go about it. This recruitment, however, will empower many individuals in terms of employment.

Many people have been deceived or scammed when looking for steps to apply and succeed in the ongoing recruitment. The essence of this article is to help you to have the knowledge of the necessary requirements of the National Veterinary Research Institute to register and get accepted.

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NVRI Recruitment Academic Requirements and Qualifications

  1. Applicants must have any of the results mentioned; B.Sc., HND, NCE, OND
  2. Certificates gotten from applicants must be genuine one and must come from a credible institution of learning in any field of discipline from a recognized institution
  3. West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) is required but it must not exceed two sittings. Must also have credits in at least of English Language and mathematics.
  4. National Examination Council (NECO)/General Certificate of Education (GCE) are required but it must not exceed two sittings. You must also have 5 credits, that is in English Language, Mathematics and any other three subjects
  5. National Diploma (ND) & National Certificate of Education (NCE) applicants are also invited but must obtain such Diploma from a reputable institution, one accredited by the federal government of Nigeria.

General requirements for the NVRI Recruitment

  1. People applying for this job vacancy must be at least 18 years and should not be above 30 years.
  2. Eligible applicants are to upload their CV and Required Documents online.
  3. People seeking for this Job must maintain good grades in all their academic results
  4. Candidates applying for this job must be diligent, hardworking and obedience

How To Apply For NVRI Recruitment Application Guide

If you know that you have all the necessary documents that are required by the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI), we will advise you to visit the official website of the National Veterinary Research Institute and register there. You can follow this link to their website http://www.nvri.gov.ng/. If you are not comfortable doing the registration yourself, you can contact us to help; after all we are ready to provide the help that you need.

Some common related questions that people search on Google pertaining tohow to apply For NVRI Recruitment 2019/2020 are as follows:

  1. When is NVRI Recruiting for 2019?
  2. Has National Veterinary Research Institute Recruitment started for 2019?
  3. What is NVRI Recruitment Portal 2019?
  4. NVRI recruitment nairaland
  5. nvri.gov.ng/ recruitment
  6. How to apply for National Veterinary Research Institute Recruitment 2019?
  7. National Veterinary Research Institute Recruitment 2019 Guide and Requirement?
  8. National Veterinary Research Institute Recruitment 2019 Recruitment Deadline
  9. Is the NVRI Recruitment form out?
  10. When will NVRI Recruitment start?
  11. Where can I obtain the NVRI Recruitment form?
  12. NVRI Recruitment Vacancy 2019
  13. How can I apply for NVRI Recruitment?
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Career Tips

How to Get a Job in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)




NYSC Recruitment – https://www.nysc.gov.ng

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was established on the 22nd May in the year 1973 by the Nigerian government to enable young graduates to help in developing and building the country. From the year 1993, all the Nigerian polytechnics and universities were required to take part in the program of National Youth Service Corps for one year; the one year of NYSC is called national service year. The National Youth Service Corps was established based on decree No. 24, which stated that the scheme was created “with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity”.

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The graduates that participate in the National Youth Service Scheme are usually posted to other states not their state. This is to enable the participant to relate with people from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, and to enable them to learn the culture of where they are being posted to. The NYSC also have a time they call “orientation period”; this is the time when the participant will spend about two to three weeks away from their families and friend in a camp that is controlled by the military. It is after the orientation period that they youth corps will be posted to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

At where the corps are posted to, they are expected to work as full time staffs at their Place of Primary Assignment, after spending eleven months at their Place of Primary Assignment, they are allowed a one month of vacation which they can used in visiting their friends, before their final passing out ceremony; this is where they would be issued certificates of completion.

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About NYSC Recruitment

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is currently recruiting anyone who is interested in working with it into various fields which could be found on the NYSC recruitments websites. But then, you must be eligible or qualified to be able to partake in this exercise this year. Checkout the requirements and application guide below.

NYSC Recruitment Requirements and Qualifications

  1. You need to have WASC/GCE/SSCE including Maths, English obtained in one sitting. Five (5) credit at least and 3 other relevant subjects included.
  2. NYSC Discharge Certificate will be required
  3. Must have their NYSC Exemption Letter or Certificate
  4. Master’s degree (MSC) Science disciplines are also accepted
  5. For this INEC Recruitment you are expected to have a Bachelor’s Degree (BSC), Higher National Diploma (HND,), National Diploma (ND)and NCE. What will be considered is a minimum of Second Class Honours (Lower Division) in any of the science disciplines
  6. Applicants must be Nigerians within the ages of 18 to 25 years

More requirement will be made known very soon, just be visiting this website to be updated

How To Apply For NYSC Recruitment Application Guide

Here is where to apply for the NYSC Recruitment . Register and field the necessary forms on the NYSC websites to be able to apply for the available vacant positions. Need more help on this let’s see your comments below.

More link: How to Get a Job in National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA)

How to Apply for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Recruitment

To apply for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Recruitment, you need to login to NYSC Job Recruitment Portal. This portal is designed to accept application from interested Nigerians. All you need do is visit the website.

After visiting the website, create an account and start the application submission process. Here is the official link of theNational Youth Service Corps (NYSC), www.nysc.gov.ng portal.

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