Kingo Root Failed – Here’s How To Fix

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Root Failed with Kingo Android Root, why?

Are you trying to increase the speed of your android phone and would be using Kingo Root. Begin to rejoice as I’ll be teaching you how to root android phones with Kingo root.
However, this article was not written to serve as a guide for you to root your 4.4.1 version phones but how to get a quick fix to kingo root failed.

A lot of people recently have been searching on how to fix failed root android and here today. I’ll be teaching you live on Techpunch.

What to Do When KingoRoot Failed

KingRoot failed to root my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It just stuck at 90% and stop. I’ve tried several ways to troubleshoot this failure including using a different cable or different computers (Win 7/8/10), making sure debugging is on, allowing apps from outside sources and unchecking verify apps via USB, etc. But it doesn’t work and this is getting really frustrating. Are there other reversible rooting methods that I can take a shot? Please help!

An individual who wanted to root his Android phone but failed with kingo root asked this question on Quora. In most cases, the problem; failing to root might be from the reasons below:

1. The KingRoot version you downloaded is not the latest one. Just try the new version once it is released.
2. Android version above 5.1 is not supported by KingoRoot.
3. Bootloader is locked by manufacturer. Users could not make any changes with the system with bootloader being locked. So it would cause the rooting failure.

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To cut the story short, if you are not able to root your Android phone successfully or you still get the kingo root failed message again! Here’s what you should do – Troubleshoot the causes and find out if there is a solution or a new update that has been made available which you haven’t downloaded. Download the latest KingRoot version, unlocking Bootloader and so on.

Root Failed with Kingo Android Root, what to do?

Here’s are other alternative if you still get the kingo root failed option:

  1. Wait and stay tuned with Kingo update. And try it out with every new version released.
  2. Unlock your bootloader and try again.
  3. Google “how to root + your device model” and find some resolution manually. Be carefully when it requires to flash a custom recovery.

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