Is Vivaldi a Safe Browser? What to Know About Vivaldi Browser

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So many people across the globe use Vivaldi browser to surf the web yet many of them sill find themselves asking this particular question “is Vivaldi a safe browser?”. So in this post, we will be revealing whether this browser is safe for you or not.

There are so many browser littered on the internet these days and many of them appear to be dangerous to your device and webpage. Some might be safe but are also very annoying because they are filled with irrelevant ads that make you want to quit on your first search.

With that being said, we will be taking a close look at one of the best browsers in the world: Vivaldi and give an accurate answer to the questions asked about these browser on forums, social media pages and blog post comments.

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Vivaldi is one of the many alternatives of google chrome browser. Although google chrome is still the best browser in the entire world, a lot of people actually prefer to use vivaldi as their first choice when browsing because of the simplicity in using the browser. This browser is only one of the many alternatives of google chrome. Let us take a look at some of the best google chrome alternatives.

Best google chrome alternatives

  1. Mozilla
  2. Opera
  3. Vivaldi
  4. Microsoft edge
  5. Safari
  6. Tor
  7. Torch
  8. Brave
  9. Epic
  10. Yandex
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The developers of this browser have gone out of their way to make something that can stand the test of time and create a better user experience when surfing the internet. However, there are some people who have never for once encountered this browser so we will use a few seconds to introduce vivaldi browser to them.

What is vivaldi browser?

Vivaldi browser is one of the numerous web browser for extracting emails online. This app was developed by vivaldi technologies, which is a company founded by the co-founder of opera software.

The app is one of the newest innovations that have taken over the world by storm. It was launched in 2016 and has since then gathered thousands of downloads and installs worldwide.

Was this app that good or they just had the perfect marketing strategy o pull such huge amount of downloads? We shall find out soon enough.

For now, the browser works on only windows 7 and later, OS X 10.10 and later and linux operating system. No official information a=has been released to confirm if it will be made for android phones yet but you can surely try it on your PC.

The browser has numerous sizes across all operating systems:

  • Windows: 38.9MB – 45MB
  • Mac OS: 60.4MB
  • Linux: 45MB

As you can see, it does not really take much space on your PC and can be used on PC with any kind of RAM and ROM. There is really no special feature needed before you can begin to use this browser on your PC.

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Features of vivaldi browser

It covers so many languages across the world. There are more than 20 languages in this browser and all of them are very accurate. Some of the languages are English, Armenian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and a host of many other European languages.

This browser has a good user interface that makes it easy for people to understand. It has a minimalist user interface that has the perfect navigation, tabs, menu and so on. The basic icons, fonts and color scheme is also something that makes it stand out from a lot of other browsers that have been developed in recent times. The color scheme also changes based on the color scheme of the web page that is being viewed at that moment.

You can also customize background color, address bar, position of the tab and the overall theme. Customizability is one of the things users watch out for in most browsers these days. It gives them a chance to take control and turn the browser to whatever they want it to be. I think this feature has greatly contributed to the reason why vivaldi browser is used by thousands of people across the world daily.

You can also add notes to bookmarks, stack tabs, add speed dial and perform other functions present in some top browsers like chrome, opera, safari and Firefox. You can also check for your history, save a page and open new tabs or set how you want the browser to behave via the settings tab.

This browser can also use the extensions of google chrome. You can install these extensions from the google chrome store and add to the browser. However, we are afraid that not every chrome extension will work on vivaldi but a large percentage of chrome extensions will work with this browser.

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The developers are also planning big for the future of vivaldi by adding their own extension store just like google chrome has its own extension store to install extensions from.

Now let us go into the main deal of this post.

Is vivaldi a safe browser?

With all the features this browser has, it is perfectly accurate to say it is one of the most professionally developed browser in the world. The question most people keep asking each other before downloading and installing it on their PC is “Is vivaldi a safe browser?”

Yes, Vivaldi is very safe to use. The only thing you should be concerned about is not visiting corrupted websites or downloading corrupted files from unknown sources on the internet.


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