How To Cancel An Order On Jumia

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Want to know how to cancel an order on Jumia but don’t know how to go about it? And you want to learn how you could cancel orders on Jumia, be rest assured that if you cancel an order, you won’t be charged a single penny.

A lot of people according to reports from Jumia newsletter, it is disclosed that over 200 people cancel orders they made on Jumia every single day. So if you want to cancel an order today, you should put your mind at rest as we teach you how to successfully cancel an order on Jumia.

Step By Step Guide On How To Cancel An Order On Jumia

The outlined guidelines below will show you exactly how you can cancel an order on Jumia.
Jumia is the biggest e-commerce platform in Africa followed by Konga, according to Alexa Rank. You canceling an order doesn’t hurt them. They expect it too and would do anything to please their customers. Follow the guide below to cancel orders on Jumia.

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1. Visit Jumia verified fans page on Facebook as there are hundreds of fake pages available. What you’ll do once you get to this page is to comment on their recent Facebook post telling them you want to cancel your order with your order ID in the comment. You should tell them what you ordered for too so it’ll be easier for them to track and cancel your order on their dashboard. You are definitely going to get a reply and a phone call confirming your cancellation of an order from Jumia.
You could also send their Facebook chatbot a message and a real user will get back to you shortly.

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2. Alternatively, you could reach Jumia salespeople through Twitter by tweeting to Jumia about canceling your order on their website with your ID number included. You are most likely to get a reply within 2 minutes.

3. You can also cancel an order on Jumia by sending them a mail. This is the fastest way of canceling an order on Jumia as they customer care are always online to attend to your queries.

4. For every product ordered on Jumia, the buyer is always assigned to a sale agent that will deliver the product. Upon confirmation, this delivery man will give you a call asking if you really want this product. You can still cancel as at that moment as the delivery man haven’t seen or met you in person.

I hope with this guide on how to cancel an order on Jumia, you’ll be able to cancel order on Konga, OLX, Jiji and other e-commerce platforms.
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