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Web development over the last 6 years has evolved to be a very lucrative job for online business people and thus increasing the rate at which people now learn web design as a skill simply because they want to become a web designer.

Web design is a skill and for you to be a very good web designer or web developer as you may call it; there are some things that you need to learn to be really good in designing.

This is where it gets more interesting as I will be disclosing to you how you can get started with web design and be a web designer in less than 3 months.

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Web design is a very simple thing to do, I’ll say because I’m used to designing web pages. You as a beginner have the option of learning at a fast phase or slow phase; you owe your own decision.

To get started with web design, below are 3 fundamental skills you need to understand deeply.

I’ll arrange these skills according to how important each is and I hope you get a handful of what each skill is all about and where to get started with learning them.

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language as it is called is the meaning of HTML and this stands for the building block of every web pages you see on the internet. HTML is the web father!

To get started with learning HTML, I recommend using because they explain in details what this markup language does and how it works.


CSS: Cascading Style Sheets in short for CSS is a styling language written in scripts. You can use CSS to beautify a web page. Web designers use HTML to build the structure of a webpage and then use CSS to beautify the structure of the webpage.

To get started with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as a beginner, I recommend you use W3SCHOOLs or Code Academy which makes you interact and learn something new on a single page and also enables you to see your code result on live view.

JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript, also a scripting language usually used by web designers to make a webpage dynamic. Dynamic in a sense that, It can control all the activities on a webpage. Ever thought of how pop up images appear asking for your email when reading an article on a blog. It’s as a result of JS in short for JavaScript.

To get started with learning JavaScript for web designers, I recommend you use Udacity to learn. They will provide you with a handful of helpful materials and the best teacher you could think of.

Is this article about how to be a web designer in anyway very helpful? Or you have some questions in mind? Feel free to ask your questions and express your thoughts in the comment box below.

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