How To Add A New User In Google Webmaster Tools

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Here’s how to add a new user to Google webmaster tools/ Search Console:

I just bought a new blog and don’t even have access to the Google webmaster tools. Imagine! I wanted to have this thing so bad that I began to search on how to add a user to Google webmaster tools or should we say Google search console.

So I decide to write a blog post including visuals that will show you a step-by-step guide on how to add someone to Google search console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

Google webmaster tools or should we call it Google search console as we’ve agreed earlier, is a vital tool any web page must possess to increase the web performance of their pages. It can give you insights into the health of your site and a whole lot more. For an extensive guide to Google Webmaster Tools, now renamed Search Console.

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Let’s get to it!

A 3-Step Procedure on How To Add a New User in Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console.

1). Login and access your website property by clicking here. Then draw your attention to the top-right corner of the screen where you will see a gear icon. Click on “Users and Property Owners” as highlighted below:

Add someone in Search Console Step 1

2). Now simply click “Add User and Property Owner”

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Add someone in Search Console Step 2

3). After you’ve clicked on add user, you will be prompted to enter your invite email address in a rectangular box. There is an option o give “full” or “restricted” access as seen in the screenshot below:

Add someone in Search Console Step 3

Actually, the site owners are those who have total access to the control of the website on the Google console toolkit. This means, they have access to all the important information, data and actions that are taking place on the website.

Full users have similar permissions as site owners. Although they have access to all the information and take most site actions, they are unable to provide access to the website and add users or owners.

As the name itself says, a restricted user has more restriction when it comes to permissions for the website.

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