How Long Does It Take To Learn Coding

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How long does it take someone to learn coding? Find out Here!

Are you a tech enthusiast passionate about learning a new programming language or you’re just that newbie who wants to learn how to code but don’t know which language to go for or how long it will take you to learn and master how to code efficiently?
Proceed by reading further if you’re that newbie that wants to know how long does it take to learn coding.

Before I proceed to share with you the main reason why you’re on this page. You should note that learning to code isn’t a day old job but it is something that will take time. It will exhaust you for a while but will pay off as soon as you’re rounding up mastering that new language which I refer to as a programming language.

How long does it take to learn a coding language?

That is definitely a question most newbies like me and you ask people who are already successful in the tech industry. Did I just call myself a newbie? Yeah, I’m still a newbie because I recently began learning a new language – React Js.

So without much ado, if you’re really serious about learning a new computer language. It shouldn’t take your more than 3 months if you’re really really determined. Or should we agree it takes 6 months to learn how to code.

A boss of mine said 6 months when I asked this question; how long does it take to learn coding? He replied 6 months and I kinda agree with him because he knows alot and have tutored a lot of people who code for dollars now.

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To keep the spirit burning here are things you can do to fast forward your learning prowess in the next 6 months:
Build indvidual amazing projects: This could be a portfolio website for yourself or a school website. You could also help people build websites while learning so you will become more serious or over serious!

Collaborate With Code Enthusiast: Make friends with people you know that code. Not everyone who call himself a programmer actually knows how to code so you need to be very careful about making friends, Make friend with people that will motivate you and invite you to collaborate on amazing projects.

Network: Networking with people! What do you think I mean here? Yeah, a lot of people do tell me when I was still learning how to code that I should network with people during tech events, meetups, hackathons and tech conferences.
Guess what? I did that and I’ve gotten more jobs through these people’s help than anything else. Go out there today and exchange contact details with someone you know can offer or refer you to some prospective clients.
So here is the deal, you came here to know how long does it take to learn coding? and I say it should take you 6 months. Yeah, just 6!
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Over to you! Do you want to add anything else I might have missed or you want to ask a question? Feel free to use the comment box below.

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