How Can I Download All Instagram Photos From Any User Online?

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How Can I Download All Instagram Photos From Any User Online?

Have you ever stumbled on that awesome photo that you can’t hold back from having it saved to your device ASAP so that you can revisit it as often as you want?

Me? Yes, I have – I must admit. However, a lot of people may end up with an unfulfilled day seeing that they can’t download Instagram photos to their devices – too bad.

Are you wondering what could cause an unfulfilled day for someone who can’t download photos from Instagram? Good, you are curious enough to know why. Here is the candid truth about such ill-feeling.

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As the clock ticks, technological advancement steps up almost daily, and as such technological advancement unravels, new ideas and innovative creativeness are displayed through the development of sophisticated machines and other devices.

While such advanced devices are built from various advanced technological input, the ultimate aim is to enhance and make life more convenient and flexible in every area of human life. Amazingly, one of such areas in which we find the rapid evolution of technological advancement useful is in the area of information technology and information transfer.

Ask me what could be life without some channels for swift dispatch and delivery of information, I’ll boldly tell you, a snail race. So, with the need to send and receive information as fast as possible, creating a safe and convenient way through which these pieces of information can be obtained from their original source is very vital.

Sounds clumsy and probably abstract right? Let’s take a real-life scenario about the reason why a working means of getting information ASAP is important.

Imagine a practical illustration where you need to send photos of some nicely designed home decors and wallpapers to a client who needs some classic and timeless paintings that wouldn’t go out of style in possibly the next five decades or more.

As a consultant who deals in such products and services, you obviously will have some top picks which most of your clients likely fall and stay in love with from just a glimpse.

What now happened this time? A new client who is ready to pay a fat sum for a classic design seems not to get moved with the best designs and paintings in your gallery.

Sure your next move will be a speedy hunt for possible sources where you can get exactly the precise design and artistic expression the client will prefer – similar to what I’ll do, won’t fold my arm watching a few bucks slip off my hands carelessly.

Who knows, while trying to search for a beautiful and captivating wall design for your client, you may find luck when you stumble on some cool and fabulously designed photos on Instagram while trying to unwind.

It may surprise you to know that such photos may be having a close resemblance with your client’s specification.

It is crystal clear that your next move will be how to get such pictures saved to your device as fast as you can – at least to have something to present to your client on your next appointment.

However, in most cases, many people usually encounter another hurdle at this point – how do I get these photos saved to my device becomes the next question.

As easy as the steps involved in downloading and saving photos on Instagram may be, a person who possibly doesn’t know how to go about this but needs such photos seriously may just be finding himself at the crossroad between a lost project and a deal that can increase the figures in his bank account.

More Reasons To Download Photos From Instagram

Aside from the above illustration about the need to download photos from Instagram for a client, other common reasons why many people wish to know how they can download and save photos on Instagram include:

  • To keep track of what their competitors are doing or up to
  • To get inspiration from other users on Instagram
  • Creating a personal board with pictures
  • Having a copy of all tagged photos on their camera roll
  • Having a backup of their photos on Instagram in a situation where the original file is missing or formatted from their device.
  • To create a personal travel bucket list album

That being said and illustrated let’s get to the solution about any worries you may be having when it comes to downloading all Instagram photos from any user online.

Before we get started, it is important to understand the fact that different mobile devices or computers have a different approach to downloading Instagram photos to your device.

Also for a particular device or mobile operating system, there may be one or two ways of getting this done, but the bottom line remains that whatever your device or operating system may be, you’ll definitely get to understand the technicalities involved in downloading photos from any Instagram user you wish to sneak one or all photos from.

How To Download All Photos on Instagram Using Your PC

If you have your PC handy and wish to download all photos on Instagram from any user, different methods can be used as seen below:

Method 1: Using Your PC Web Browser

Irrespective of what your web browser may be – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc, you can follow these simple steps to download all Instagram photos from a particular user

  1. Open the user’s Instagram profile page then scroll down to the end of his/her page to load all the photos that are there.
  2. Spot a blank space on the page and right click there; a menu appears then click on “Save as.” The Save As dialogue box appears
  3. In the box beside the “Save as type”, make sure that it is “Web Page, Complete” that is there. Then, type in the file name you want to save the photos with and finally click on the “Save” button to download and save all the photos and every related HTML files into the designated folder that you’ve selected for the photos to save.

With these few steps, you’ve successfully downloaded and saved all the photos in the user’s profile page on your computer. So, all that is left for you to do is locate the destination of the folder where you saved the photos to and delete the HTML files while leaving the photos your need behind.

However, this method seems a bit complicated since you need a whole lot of time to scroll down to the end of the user’s profile page to load all the photos there. Also, after downloading all the photos into your computer, you still need some time to delete all the irrelevant HTML files that came together with the downloaded photos.

Method 2: Bulk Download of All Instagram Photos with Chrome Extension

Compared to the previous method where you have to scroll down to end of the user’s profile page to load all available photos before downloading them into your computer, this method gives a bit of flexibility in that you can use the Chrome extension to do a bulk download of all the photos on a user’s profile page.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the free extension Downloader for Instagram on your PC. It works only for Google Chrome browser while Mozilla Firefox browser uses Instagram Photo Downloader from Firefox Add-ons Store.
  2. Open the user’s profile page on Instagram from which you want to download photos. At this point, if the Google Chrome extension was correctly downloaded and installed, you’ll have the “Download All” button on the top corner of the user’s profile page.
  3. To download all the photos on the user’s page, click on the “Download All” button. Preferably, if you want to download just a selected few, click to select the ones you want then click “Download All” to download only the selected photos.

Method 3: Downloading Instagram Photos Using A Page Source

This method involves some code manipulation, but if you’re not scared of the code thing, these steps will be best for you to download all the photos you need from Instagram.

  1. Open the Instagram app from your desktop.
  2. Tap on the three dots “…” at the bottom of a photo you wish to download. A submenu appears
  3. Select “Go to post” from the list of items on the list.
  4. Right-click and then click on “View Page Source.” It will open a new tab with a series of codes.
  5. Press Ctrl+F to highlight the search box on the right corner of your PC screen
  6. Enter “.jpg” in the search box. It will bring out many links attached to various photos you wish to download.
  7. Highlight any link with a “.jpg” which follows the photo you want to download.
  8. Copy the link and open your web browser to paste the link.
  9. Press the “Enter” key to search and bring out the photo.
  10. You can now right click on the photo at this point and download it to your PC.

Downloading All Instagram Photos Using Your Mobile Device

Since you always have your mobile device handy and wouldn’t want to take the stress of going through your PC to download and save any photo from Instagram each time you wish to do so, downloading photos from any user on Instagram is pretty simple. Just follow these few steps:

Method 1: Using Copy URL

  1. Open your mobile browser (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and open the Instagram app as well.
  2. Open the user’s profile page you wish to download photos from
  3. Select the photo you wish to download
  4. Tap the three dots “…” right on the top corner of the phone. A drop-down menu appears.
  5. Select “Copy Link.” from the list of options from the drop-down menu
  6. Open your mobile browser
  7. Press and hold on the search bar. A submenu appears
  8. Tap “Paste” from the submenu. After pasting, launch the search to find and bring out the photo
  9. Tap and hold the photo for about 2 seconds. A submenu appears
  10. Select “Copy” from the submenu
  11. Go to the notes app or messaging app on your device
  12. Press and hold the box where new text appears as you type. A submenu appears
  13. Select “Paste” from the list of options on the submenu
  14. Tap the share icon and select “Save Image” to automatically save the photo into your mobile device.

This method is known to be complicated with only one photo being able to be saved at a time after going through the whole process. However, it is still helpful as it is better than not having any alternative to downloading and saving photos from Instagram

Get to Know Instagram’s Copyright Rules

Whatever your reasons for downloading and saving Instagram photos from other users online may be, it is good to be on the know about Instagram’s strict rules that prohibit the downloading of photos from other users.

Concerning this, any photo you took and uploaded on your Instagram page makes you the original owner of the copyright to such photo, and as the owner of such a photo(s) you are permitted to:

  • Prohibit others from downloading or distributing your photos for other personal interest
  • Prohibit or stop others from editing your photo to create another content
  • Permit anyone who seeks your consent to use any of your photo(s)
  • Stop others from using your photos without your due consent
  • Stop others from editing or creating new content based on your work.


Downloading photos from other users on Instagram can be fun to do, but where you do not know the technicalities involved in doing this successfully, it can as well turn out an issue that may give you sleepless nights.

There is this excitement that comes with the knowledge that you can download all Instagram photos from any user online. You can do it yourself. Carefully go through the various ways explained here, and pick one that works best for you. Good luck!

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