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When your data is exhausted exactly around 11:00 PM, you feel bad maybe not so bad because you can easily do night plan data that will last you till day break and perhaps roll over to the next day. Glo and several other networks offers affordable data plans and their night data plans are even more mouth watering.

Glo as the grand master of data telecommunication in Nigeria offers to you cheap night plan for as low as twenty-five naira only. Learn how to subscribe for Glo night plan today.

The Glo Night Plan is an initiative that provides a cheap alternative to users who cannot afford the cost of monthly subscription rate or some reason best known to them, don’t want to use their normal data subscription. The Glo night plan enables you to surf the internet during the early hours of the day from 12am – 5am.

The Glo network is reported to have the largest number of internet subscribers in Nigeria. GLO is also known to have the lowest browing rates and tends to offer food service quality.

Are you tired of not getting your money’s worth on each night plan you do in other networks? Glo night plan has for you covered. This night plan offers you quality user experience.

If you are trying to consider the best plan for night browsing, I honestly recommend that you use Glo. As advertised, the Glo night plan is really worth your time and resources because it gets considerably faster.

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The main selling point of the Glo night plan is, unlike networks, you don’t have to join a particular tarrif ppan to enjoy this service. Glo night plan is quite different in its operation, and that’s what makes it your best pick when choosing a night plan.

Another good thing to note is that if you have a normal data plan already, you don’t have to worry because it won’t be tampered with. The Glo night plan also enables you to subscribe again that same night , although you have to be quick because the night plan window closes by 5am.

Also, before making the subscription, try to confirm if the Glo network is quality in your area. For your maximum satisfaction, the Glo night plan offers 3 night plan subscription plans. Let’s look at htem I’m the next section.

How to subscribe to the various Glo night plans

The three subscription plans made available for night plan include;

  • Glo night plan – 200 Naira for 1GB
  • Glo night plan – TGIF weekend plan

Glo night plan – 200 Naira for 1GB

The price for 1GB night-only plan is N200 and accessible all through 12am to 5am. You are to use this 1GB data just one night, after which you have to buy another data bundle. To subscribe to 1GB night-only Glo plan via SMS, send 60 to 127. For USSD Subscription Code, send this *127*60#.

Glo night plan – TGIF weekend plan

This is an awesome weekend and night plan that offers 7 days of roll over. It gives you 3GB of data for 500 naira.

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To subscribe for this night bundle, text 61 to 127 or dial *127*61#. On week days, it is only usable between the hours of 12AM – 5AM while on weekends, you can use it to surf from 12AM on Saturday to 11:59 PM on Sunday.

How to check your data balance

To check your data balance, you can either text INFO to 127 or dial *777# , select option 1 (which is buy a data plan), select option 4(which is manage Data bundle) , then select option 4 again (which is check data balance) .if you want to cancel the auto renewal, you can exploit two options, you can either call customer care or use the *777# code. The most effective way how ever is call customer care.

Conclusion – Glo night plan

With the above easy to follow steps, you can subscribe and enjoy the Glo night plan to it’s fullest capacity. Don’t forget to share this post and feel free to drop a comment if you have any contribution or question.

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