GLO Free Browsing Data Cheat 2020

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Find easy to follow Glo free browsing tweaks on this page. Every year Glo seems to be getting hacked by individuals who want free browsing access. Well, we fully understand it is what you want to that’s why we have come up with Glo 2020 data cheat only for you.

Good news reaching to me that the Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing tweak is still working via Psiphon even when some people says it solely works on a new Glo sim.
However, I don’t agree with these guys because I had a perfect connection and fast browsing with my old Glo sim.

Latest Glo 0.0kb Free Browsing 2020

With Glo free browsing cheat 2020 coming to live, there is a particular problem most people are facing which is; constant disconnection and reconnecting of the Psiphon handler.

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I am currently working on how to solve this and I bet you, I’ll find a better way to connect and help you enjoy this glo cheat for free browsing.
Meanwhile, the basic reason it doesn’t connect for some people is basically because they need active data on their sim while some still have airtime on their Glo line.

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glo free browsing cheat 2019

I have seen a lot of people asking and requesting for away to use up their airtime which remains like 0.7kb. You know it is very difficult to get to 0.0kb because you can not send text messages with or neither can you make calls with 0.7kb or 0.5kb.

However, I have gotten a very cool solution to that as I’ve figured out a way to use your useless current balance or should we say useless “kobo” in your account balance.

Some actually says it is not working for old sims and I don’t agree with them because I use it on my former sim to remove the little kobo available.

To achieve this, visit, choose to continue with PAYU which means you will be using money to browse. Then try to open a web page or fill a form on the page to wipe the money. Remember whenever you subscribe it goes away from payu.

After you are done, try and check your current account balance and it should read 0.0kb. Anyways, I’m not writing this to say stories. Lets get straight to work because the settings are very simple and it is what you should be able to configure within few minutes unless it’s your first time of hearing about Psiphon VPN. This glo unlimited free browsing tweak is the first of its kind since 2016 when there were little options of browsing for free on the internet. So I guess you will grab it with all the things you have right now.

Wait, Glo is freaking slow, I know and their network is relatively slow in many locations compared to places like Lekki and Ajah. If you have a 3G network on GLO, I advise you quickly tweak this as there is no time. This tweak offers you an unlimited free browsing with Glo sim till your battery dies and goes to heaven. If your battery resurrects? Fine, you can always use this same Glo free browsing tweak. Its working perfectly and I’ve tested it on my Mom’s phone.

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Glo free browsing 2020 cheat requirement

1. Search for and download “Psiphon Pro Lite Handler”
2. A Glo SIM with zero naira (0.00 airtime)
3. Strong 3G/4G Network (Could use external WiFi)
4. Your android phone

How Can I Use Glo 0.00 Unlimited Free Browsing 2020?

Go to APN Settings: Use glo default APN

Psiphon Settings For Glo 0.00kb Unlimited Free Browsing Trick 2020

glo 2019 free browsing cheat

  • Launch Your Psiphon Or Netify VPN
  • Untick Remove Port
  • Proxy type: Real Host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: Default
  • Real proxy server: leave it blank
  • Real proxy port: 80
  • Now tap on Save.

And that is all I have for you today. Let me know in the comment box if you have any new Glo free browsing cheats that works on want to ask question about my Glo free browsing cheat 2020. I’ll respond to you as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, there is also a free browsing cheat for Airtel user, check out the link below to peep:
Airtel Cheat free browsing 2020

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