17 Cool Tech Gifts for Guys In 2019

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Best Gift for Tech Lovers

Is he crazy about newly launched phones, games or device? If yes, there’s a high tendency that he would be a tech lover. If you don’t know, gadgets do wonders in helping us to have a comfortable lifestyle and improve our personality. Can you imagine your life without those basic electronics found in most homes today? Cumbersome, right? Yes, that’s what it would be.

In these modern times, digitization is spreading across the world like a contagious virus. It has consumed the whole universe. Our lives are not only made easy by electronics (tech); there are quite a few things that bring comfort to a man as well. The above words are why guys are tremendously in love with gadgets from the tech world.

Are you anticipating the birthday of your husband/boyfriend? Do you desire to surprise him, but don’t know how?

We have compiled several cool tech gifts for guys, which you can pick from to make him give you a “WOW!” response. Your brother is not exempted, he’s a guy after all. Whoever is a male individual you want to surprise would love cool tech gifts for guys, so select carefully and get a few of them for him.

Let’s look at them;

Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Guys

1. Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron

If what you need is that gift you want to tag as a “perfect” gift for him, then hair clippings catcher & grooming cape apron isn’t a bad idea. It’s one of the great choices you can make. The name once again is hair clippings catcher & grooming cape apron. It’s known as beard KING, because of its ability to gather sideburns, mustache, beard. It can also trim hair, it does all those mentioned above to make sure that disposal isn’t difficult.

It doesn’t give you stress while you make use of it. You can take it along with you as you embark on that journey, because of how portable it is. Who doesn’t enjoy convenience? I bet you man would love it.

Purchase on Amazon

2. Portable Power Bank

As the name implies ‘power bank,” it’s a device used to power other devices, such as phones, etc. Does your guy travel a lot? Of course, he goes around with his DSLRs, smartphone, and whatnot? Then, it’s a product you should consider as a gift for him. This device makes things easy by transmitting energy to sustain gadgets — gadgets such as a mobile, laptop, etc. It has an efficiency around its charging capability. Again, its recharging is quite easy because it is flexible and at the same time, fast.

With this pretty gift, you’re sure to save your guy from getting frustrated while looking for a power source to get his gadgets charged. It makes a lot of sense to him as he realizes that he doesn’t have to go close to the wall sock each time he wants to recharge his gadget.

What are you waiting for? It’s your opportunity to get someone surprised.

Get on Amazon >> https://amzn.to/2XmDwv3

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3. Micro Pocket Multitool

Guys who indulge in strenuous work need a multi-tool made specifically for real challenges. The multi-tool also known as the Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool is made up of a standard and full-sized bit driver at the axis around the center. One can freely interchange with the bits appropriate for a particular task. It is more like an outward knife that’s full-sized. It’s not a bad gift for your guy after all.

4. Smart Leather Wallet

The Leather Wallet has always been one of the best gifts for men, given by the female folks. Considering the intelligent Leather Wallet, there are quite a good number of brands out there, but we recommend the Ekster® Smart Wallets 2.0. This tech product consists of the luxurious weather which makes a provision for maximum storage, amid minimum space. So, if you desire to give an excellent gift to someone special to you, go ahead and purchase this one. It’s a gift that can keep his jaw dropped for minutes, not seconds.

Purchase on Amazon

5. Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Yes, we know that you still want to see more of gifts you can give him; well, here’s one. It’s something he would Love, don’t doubt that. Have you been looking for an advanced Pogo Stick to consider? Try giving him a Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick, and come back to tell us your experience.

6. Electric Skateboard

Have you noticed that he loves playing on a skateboard? Have you also noticed that he desires to learn how to get things done on the skateboard controllably?

Then, this tech device is for him. An excellent skateboard to purchase is the Rimable Mini Cruiser Skateboard. It’s a unique accessory to buy. Getting this for children to teenagers isn’t a bad idea at all; in fact, it’s doubly amazing for them. This gadget is not only a sport we can tag as “extreme,” it’s a sport that helps to boost up the growth of children.

It has the following features:

  • The board has beautiful patterns printed on it.
  • Durable material ensures that the skateboard becomes that of the whole family.
  • It has an affordable price.

Purchase HERE

7. Virtual Reality Headset

The Virtual reality headset is a perfect gift for someone who loves playing games – the guys especially. It also suits, if he is a lover of movies. Don’t hesitate to purchase this one for him. It makes the game become something of a reality. Purchase the latest of it — DESTEK V4 VR. It’s a device which you mount on your head; it provides the wearer with virtual reality.

8. Nail Clipper

It’s of great importance that you do anything possible to, without stress, take proper care of your nails. And, it’s by cutting your nails accurately. If you’re looking for a tech gift which does this function, go for Harperton Nail Clipper Set. It would be much useful to aid a fast cutting of your nails. One uniqueness of this product is, it has a handle that makes the cutting of nails go smoothly. I’m sure it’s going to make a good gift for any guy. It’s cool.

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9. Coffee Maker

We know that there are lots of people who are addicted to taking coffee; this product would be helpful to them. There’s a particular type of this product, which you should know. It’s Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker — you wouldn’t think of trying another if you give this one a try. This one is quite amazing for making a tasty cup of coffee for you. Think of getting one for him.

The features of this product entail thus:

  • It Brews The Control Of Temperature
  • The Pulsed Flow Of Water
  • It Has Great Coffee Flavor
  • Pre-Soak The Coffee Grounds

10. SmartWatch

The smartwatch is a product, which should be found on the body of a man. It’s essential for men to have it on them. It does more of enhancing what you put on, to ensure that you look even better. It is produced in numerous styles, numerous designs — that makes it suitable for any outfit. Here’s one you would love: Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch.

This type of watch is made with hybrid features — hybrid features which include multiple timezones, filtered notification, and activity tracking. This very smartwatch can click photos, play out music; it also has a provision for giving you notification alerts. That’s not all, and it also makes a call. Isn’t it awesome? Use this, and you would own his love forever.

11. Travel Luggage

Is he a frequent traveller? If your answer is yes, this luggage would be an excellent choice for him. It’s no doubt that whenever you are looking out to purchase luggage, you go for the one that suits most/all of your needs. Check out this luggage, and you wouldn’t think of going for any other luggage — it’s Genius Pack 21 Aerial Hardside Carry On Luggage Spinner. No professional man fails to take with him a camera, laptop, and certain gadgets; and such devices require a kind of luggage which has a hard body, to ensure that the gadgets in it are protected. It’s 89% sure that you would love this one.

12. Digital Body Weight Scale

If you fall into the category of people who take their fitness seriously, you need to check your weight scale daily. Here’s a product, which shows you the scale immediately you step on it:

Etekcity EB4887S Digital Body Weight Scale. It has a style — a modern style precisely. It also has a surface that’s sleek, a surface with 3.2 inch LCD — it’s not difficult to clean. You can clean it with ease.

One awesome stuff about it is that it has four powerful sensors — such sensor gives you pinpoint accuracy within increments of 0.2 lb (0.1 kg). This idea as cool tech gifts for guys is gold.

Purchase on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2C0muK6

13. Completely Wireless Earbuds

If you hear someone saying that wireless Earbuds is one of the coolest tech gifts for guys, don’t doubt it — the person is speaking of the truth. Companies which offer such device, are numerous. As the years go by, this device will improve its features.

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But, right now, consider purchasing for yourself something reliable; we recommend ZOLO Liberty. You won’t want to see the features of others if you try this one. This one serves as one of the best when it comes to earphones that are wireless earphones with revolutionary graphene enhanced sound with crystal clarity and soaring treble.

14. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Who wants to debunk the fact that sandwich is lovely? can’t find anybody yet. Nobody would deny that. For the sandwich, you don’t need to have a spoon at hand, or a plate close by. If you have a great love for consuming sandwich, you will understand the preceding sentences. Therefore, if you desire to make for yourself a delicious and spicy sandwich at home, go for this product: Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker — it’s perfect for making great sandwiches for yourself.

It can help you make about two sandwiches in the space of just 5mins. Isn’t that incredible? You can add other suitable ingredients.

15. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

This device can serve as an excellent desk in your office or home. The smartphone which is between 4 & 8 inches can be held steadily and efficiently by this device. Do you want to watch a long movie or video? This stand helps you have your phone stay in a particular way without interruption. You can make use of it in places such as your kitchen, office, etc. It can also be used on your dining table and your desk.

16. Magnetic Key Holder

For a change, no one wouldn’t want a classic type of key holder. Well, here’s one which you can take as one of the cool tech gifts for guys: GAMAGO Bull Nose Magnetic Key Holder. This one can be mounted on the wall. It can also, along with the keyrings, tightly hold your keys.

17. Self-Balancing Scooter

This edition of scooter named SEGWAY mini pro Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 can serve as a new means of transportation. It’s also a simple Hoverboard. You don’t need to bother yourself about having a better understanding of it; it’s quite easy to ride. It’s an electric scooter, which has two wheels. And, it’s also hands-free. It provides you with a speed of up to 10mph. After charging it, it can travel 12.5 miles. It also has an app; you can use it to control it completely to lock, unlock and modify.


In summary, there are over 15 cool tech gifts for guys listed above, gifts which would definitely make him smile. You know how much guys love products that are about tech. So, if you want to surprise him with a tech gift, these are ideas for you to take hold of. It’s not entirely wrong that there are some listed here, which he doesn’t know about. Just pick one or two, depending on your choice, and make him happy.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

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