Can I Unlock My Car With My Android Phone?

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Can I Unlock My Car With My Android Phone?

Sure you didn’t run into some tight corners with your car keys that got this question “Can I Unlock My Car with My Android Phone?” popping through your mind? If yes, there’s nothing to hang yourself about.

Yes, you can’t hang yourself for a misplaced car key. Every day, technological advancement keep unravelling tons of innovative mysteries that sounds weird and unrealistic – but the reality is that such technological innovations are true and practicable.

Typical of such mind-blowing innovations are crazy car designs that are built to give you extreme ease of driving with sophisticated features that make the car very intuitive and smart to drive.

When you take a critical review on the infotainment system, auto-emergency brake, lane-maintaining assist, blind spot monitoring device and other high tech features of the latest models of different car brands, you will attest to the fact that car development and technological input in cars seems not to have a climax.

Furthermore, with other high tech features such as the navigation control, and the dynamic radar cruise control which is saddled with the responsible of maintaining a set distance between your car and a lead vehicle to avoid forward collision, it is obvious that car manufacturers are set to blow our minds with an ocean of innovative possibilities in car designs.

While the tales about some high tech features from the automobile industry may keep you stunned, another industry that seems to throw the world off its axis of revolution is the mobile phone manufacturing guys who happen to work ceaselessly to ensure that your phone is nothing less than a mobile companion.

A mobile companion, you may wonder how? Here is the reason. When you own a mobile device that does virtually everything you need, especially to make your life more comfortable with lots of simplicity, it is therefore high time you begin to cherish your phone more than you have ever done.

Today, mobile phones now outgrow their basic functions of making calls, sending messages and chatting on different social media channels.

Astonishingly to you, mobile devices now shuttle both as your car key and as a mobile communicating device.

Yes, you read it right, your mobile device can work perfectly as your car key, unlocking and locking your car and enhancing the overall security of your car.

While mobile devices can carry out this newly found jobs perfectly, you should know that these features and capability in mobile devices comes from the development of more sophisticated operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

With particular interest on your Android devices, the relative flexibility of using this operating system makes it even easier to have your Android device work as your car locking and unlocking equipment just with an app from the Android app store – Google play store.

Need To Unlock Your Car with Your Android Phone? Check the Google Play Store

Owning an Android device and hoping to use it as your car key for locking and unlocking your car can never be possible without the app store of the Android operation – Google Play store.

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With the Google Play store, your Android phone has a well of applications from which you can download and use just from the comfort of your space.

Most of these apps can be download and use free without spending a dime while others require you to drop a few token to get them downloaded into your Android device.

For most of such apps which requires a few bucks to download, you may be required to make some monthly or yearly subscription for you to access the services you hope to enjoy from the app – sure you won’t find such subscription out of place especially when you consider the benefits of using the app.

Get the App To Unlock Your Car With Your Android Phone

At this point, let’s take a particular look at locking and unlocking your car with your Android phone.

To do this, we’ll put you through the type of apps you need to download into your android phone and how such apps work to get the job done perfectly.

Android App To Lock and Unlock Your Car

When the need to enhance the security of your car arise, some of the mobile applications on the Google play store plays a major role in ensuring that your dream of using your Android phone in locking and unlocking your car come true.

A typical example of a mobile app that has the ability to download and share information between your car and your Android phone is the Viper SmartStart application which you can download into your Android device from the Google play store.

Get To Know More About Viper SmartStart

The Viper SmartStart Android app is a free car locator application that functions as a companion particularly for SmartStart powered cars.

Viper SmartStart is an easy way of starting, locking and unlocking your car remotely from almost anywhere just with the use of your Android smartphone.

Also, having the Viper SmartStart hardware installed in your car gives you the liberty of receiving notifications from your Android phone when the alarm system in your car is turned off.

As if that’s not enough, when the Viper SmartStart is combined with a GPS module, you can locate your car, share activity on social media such as Facebook.

More so, you can as well set basic safety notifications that will get you alerted if your car is over-speeding or going into a wrong terrain where it isn’t supposed to go.

As a matter of fact, if you are tired of carrying a bulky car remote control on your bunch of keys, or maybe you find yourself out of range when there is need to warm up your car before getting there, with the Viper SmartStart app on your android phone, you can securely start, lock, unlock and locate your car anytime. You can do this just from the screen of your Android phone.

Sure you’ll like to have this app in your phone to so that you can lock and unlock your car with ease. Downloading the Viper SmartStart app into your phone isn’t hard to do. Simply follow these steps to get the app running and serving you perfectly.

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How to Download Viper SmartStart From Google Play store

While other mobile operating systems may have different ways of giving you access to the Viper SmartStart application, with the Android operating system, this steps will be the perfect procedure you need to have the Viper SmartStart in your Android phone.

Worthy of note here is the fact that you should have a functional internet connection to gain access to the Google Play store from which you can access and download the app – Viper SmartStart.

Once your Android device is switched on, and your inter connectivity is confirmed to be well connected.

  1. Locate and open the ‘Google Play Store’ on your Android device. Note, you don’t have to download the Google play store into your Android phone, except it isn’t an Android device.
  2. On the search box of the Google Play Store, type the search word “Viper SmartStart.” The app will immediately display alongside other Android apps capable of rendering similar services as the Viper SmartStart.
  3. Click on the Viper SmartStart app to open
  4. Click on the ‘download’ button right under the app’s interface images shown on your screen. Ensure that your internet connectivity isn’t tempered with as this may cause a failure or interruption as the app downloads.

After downloading, the app automatically gets installed on your Android device, and it is ready to use. But just before that, two simple steps are left to be completed.

The first step is meant for a professional Viper SmartStart engineer who will get the Viper SmartStart hardware installed in your car. Having the app hardware installed in your car is the only way in which you can have the app working perfectly. This is important because the app needs hardware within your car to communicate and send wireless transmissions to and from your Android phone.

Then the second step, your turn to do the configuration. Don’t be scared about ‘configuration’ because you don’t need to carry out any connection or wiring stuff.

Since the Viper SmartStart app is to enhance the security of your car and also to give you security leverage with your car, you need to set certain security parameters which are only known to you.

To do this, the following steps are involved:

Your Viper SmartStart hardware installation engineer must have finished the installation process and activate the Viper SmartStart hardware within your car. Once this is done, your installation technician will have to get your hardware activated from a specific activation website which is peculiar to the device they must have installed.

  1. Launch the SmartStart app from your Android smartphone.
  2. Click on Setting
  3. Input your preferred SmartStart password and username together with your email address. After this step, you will be required to activate your SmartStart account on your email by clicking on ‘DONE’ on the email sent to your mailbox. After this, go back to the SmartStart app.

However, some users do encounter challenges with the expected validation mail. If this is the case, it might be that the mail sent to you was marked as spam and so, it was diverted to your spam box. Also, a wrong email address may cause the validation mail not to reflect in your mailbox.

In some other cases, you might find the mail missing due to an incomplete activation process by the hardware installation technicians. Where this is the case, your car has to be taken back to the hardware installation technicians to complete the installation process or add some tweaks to the whole process.

  • Exit the Viper SmartStart app. This enables the app to sync all the information you must have registered into it.
  • Re-launch the SmartStart app on your Android phone. At this point, your vehicle(s) will be showing on the ‘Cars’ tab, and this is an indication that your SmartStart app has been successfully configured. What next? Your Viper SmartStart app is ready to work!

How SmartStart Hardware/App Work in Your Car

Although there are many opinions about how expensive (monthly subscription) it is to have the Viper SmartStart app installed in your car for a keyless locking and unlocking of your car. The candid truth is that, when you consider the various benefits that come with this ground-breaking technological innovation, you will attest to its monetary worth.

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To functions optimally, the Viper SmartStart hardware is designed to plug directly into your car’s OBD connector to function more like a car-lock.

However, the app works more than just a car lock because it can track and monitor your car and then transfer monitored information directly into your Android phone.

The keyless locking and unlocking of your car with this app are the most outstanding feature. As a requirement for you to enjoy such benefits from this app, it requires a compatible remote start system and a car alarm system to function.

So, in reality, what this implies is that the Viper SmartStart app doesn’t function as a stand-alone car tracker which is a common feature of the conventional Car-lock.

Furthermore, the Viper SmartStart Android app comes with a sophisticated alert system whereby it specifically alerts you of any intrusion into your car rather than having the siren on and disturbing your entire neighborhood of intrusion into your car.

Again, with the cellular network connection of the Viper SmartStart app, it has virtually a limitless range of alerting you that there is an intruder around or trying to break into your car – even when you are out of the town.

Bottom Line

Locking, unlocking and even starting your car has gone to a different dimension. So, if you were still skeptic about how else your Android phone can add value to your life and the security of your car, the SmartStart app is the right answer you obviously must have been waiting to hear.

Just as the name suggests, the SmartStart app in your Android phones doesn’t need you to rely totally on your two-way pager to unlock and start your car again. Unlocking and starting your car now got so easy and convenient that you can do so right from your living room or miles away anywhere around the world just with your Android phone.

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