Can I See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

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Facebook has over 2 billion users across the world but it restricts each user to only 5000 friends. There are some people who are using this social network for businesses, some use it to meet new people while some are mainly here to spy on other people’s lives. This has caused a lot of people to start asking “can I see who viewed my Facebook profile?”

It is not important to check for who has been viewing your Facebook profile but if you wish, you can continue reading this post to learn more about those people who view your profile. Sometimes, people may view your profile because they want to know you better.

A lot of companies these days take social media profile very serious before making a decision to hire you or not. This is why you will be asked to provide them with your social media profile links during application for the job. A good social profile is very important both as an individual and as a businessman.

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Facebook, instagram and twitter accounts have helped connect many people to better business deals and partners across the world. People need to start using hem effectively because they are regarded as three of the top social media networks on the globe. Especially in this age where everything has gone digital; there is a higher chance of finding a high paying job online.

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Some people have also created Facebook pages for their businesses. They run ads on these pages to get more customers across the world and also to get more brand awareness. Some of the users who engage in the ads sometimes go as far as viewing the profile of the owner of that business. This is why you should learn how to check who viewed your Facebook profile. At least, you can also get some emails using an email extractor tool

When you know who has viewed your profile, you can know their intentions through their own profile and connect with them easily if it is for business purpose. This method has allowed a lot of freelancers get more jobs from clients who have viewed heir profiles o know more about the work they do.

However, if you are more of the relationship type of person and your ex whom you just broke up with few weeks ago has been stalking you, then you can also check to know if they miss you or not. Study shows that when couples break up, they still care to know what is going on in the other person’s life for a certain period of time. If both of you are most active on Facebook, there is a chance that your ex is checking your profile to see if you are doing better than her.

Facebook is aware of who visits your Facebook page and who likes your post. In fact, it was revealed that Facebook keeps track of all the sites your browse while you are logged in your Facebook account. So it is definitely possible that you can have knowledge of the person that viewed your Facebook profile.

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Can I see who viewed my facebook profile?

Facebook, in fact, finds this information a very confidential one. As such, they don’t give users access to check who viewed their profile and when they viewed it. Facebook released an official statement on the matter saying it does not allow people see who viewed their profile and there is no other third-party app that provides this functionality. Facebook also went ahead to plead with users to report any app that offers this feature because they believe it is very confidential and should not be the business of anybody.

Can you use third-party apps to check who just viewed your Facebook profile?

Facebook help center does not give permission to check who viewed your profile and they have also asked us to report any third-party app that allows this feature. However, there are some apps and chrome extensions on the internet that allegedly allow you to check who just viewed your profile, BUT you must know that not all of them are safe to use.

Sooner or later, Facebook will catch up to them and stop them from offering this feature. These third-party apps will ask you to provide personal information which many people may be reluctant to do. These apps that offer to allow you see the people that view your Facebook profile are all fraud because all they want to do is steal your data and infect you with malware then they give you information which is false and deceive you into thinking they are real people who are viewing your profile.

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From this, your Facebook account can be hacked and you will need to start going through extra means to get that hacked account back;. So be careful of where you input your Facebook password because most of them are fake and will only damage your account or PC.

Facebook has very good reasons for keeping this kind of information confidential and nobody in the world can have access to it. There is absolutely no way for you to know who just viewed your Facebook profile. No app, extension, software or browser can ever show you this information so please don’t fall victim whenever you see apps telling they can help your see who just viewed your Facebook profile.

If you have already installed a software, app or a browser extension that claims to give you access to this feature, please block them immediately because these apps will only have access to your account and continue to spy on whatever you do on Facebook without delivering what they promise.

Some will look real, but trust me, they are all fake and nobody can have this access. The entire Facebook team has made Facebook a private-public place in the sense that you have control of what you want to be private and public. Which also means you can view your friends profile hundred times in a day and that person will have no idea.

I think this has answered your question on Can I see who viewed my facebook profile?

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