Best TV Settings For Gaming

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Stucked With TV? Find the best TV settings for gaming here!

There is a quick fix to maximizing your game experience on TV. Nothing will give you more joy than the moment you finally have a good TV settings for video gaming.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you some few tips that would enhance your gaming experience with super quality tv settings for gaming.

Best TV Settings For Gaming Samsung

Samsung LED TV

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Using the latest firmware:

– Game mode on

– Picture Mode: Standard

– Backlight: 10

– Contrast: 100

– Brightness: 45

– Sharpness: 0

– Colour: 50

TV Advanced Settings

Black tone: Off

Dynamic Contrast: Off

Shadow detail: 2

Gamma: -3

Colour Space Custom: Colour: Red R-65 G-0 B-0, Green R-0 G-61 B-0, Blue R-0 G-10 B-75, Yellow R-59 G-54 B-0, Cyan R-0 G-60 B-38, Magenta R-44 G-2 B-41

White Blance: R-offset-16, G-offset-21, B-offset-21, R-genhancementin-29, B-gain-0

Edge Enhancement: on

Motion Lighting: on

Picture Options

Colour Tone: Warm2

Digital Noise Filter: auto

MPEG Noise Filter: auto

If brightness or gamma a problem adjust them from the game instead from your tv.

I also found the settings below on Giant Bomb:

Here is what I’m using recently based on google searching

Contrast/Picture should be set to 70 percent or level 7

For those with the back light setting set it to 70 percent or level 7
in sync with the Contrast/Picture

Sharpness should be set to off or 0 for HD source content i.e. video games and blu-ray films
may take awhile for your eyes to adjust to change take a break from the screen

Color/Tint 50 percent or in the middle

Black Adjust/Dynamic Contrast or vivid “fake contrast” settings as such should be set to off

Gamma off or 0 in the middle

Edge Enactment i.e. sharpness buff set to off

Energy Saving Setting or sunglasses effect set to off
to see the proper lighting/colors as intended

HDMI Black Levels set to Normal

Video Game Console Display Settings

Xbox 360 Reference Levels set to Expanded
PlayStation 3 RGB HDMI set to Full

Note: These settings tested and used on a LCD TV while in (Game Mode)

You can also decide to watch the video below which explains how you can set your TV to suit your gaming experience. The video explains the best TV settings for gaming.

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