Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners in 2019

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Best Yoga Apps for Beginners

Every year, the number of people who practice Yoga increases. Yes, it might not be an exciting or cool thing to delve into, but trust us, when you practice Yoga, you take part in the full package of benefits.

For you to have the benefits evident on you, you have to observe consistency, persistence, and resilience towards reaching your goal in the essence of doing yoga. Yoga is more practical than just theory. In Yoga, you don’t need to occupy a vast space; all you need is a little space. It’s good to opt-in for a class where you have someone coach you on the DOs and DON’Ts in Yoga, and it’s always fine to practice Yoga at the comfort of your home. Maybe, while at your break time at your place of work, you can watch YouTube videos, or read articles with graphics explanations to be sure of doing it right.

Furthermore, the mat you use for Yoga, you can call it Yoga mat — becomes a trusted source of helping you get relieved of stress. Practicing Yoga yourself is a good idea, but we don’t think it’s the best for you. Though you can read articles, and watch videos online, making use of apps to practice Yoga is king. Apps stand as a coach to closely guide you into getting it right.

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Some beginners who must have seen people do Yoga, end up giving up, because of their curiosity. When it seems like they are not able to get a good coach, when they can’t find a reliable material to guide them — they lose hope of growing from the “beginner” level.

Having considered that, we carried out a thorough research and came up with the best free yoga apps for beginners. If you’re new to this exercise, then you can choose one of these apps below as your daily guide for practicing Yoga.

We are aware that some of you have tried searching for that suitable Yoga App to assist you but ended up getting the wrong one. In a reliable app, you might be asked to pay a fee. Don’t be scared; it’s something you can afford. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find apps which don’t take a dime from you — they are out there, but most of them are ad-supported.

Now, let’s look at the best free yoga apps for you thus;

What are the Best Free Yoga App for Beginners?

Yoga Studio

This particular app is a perfect one for those who are pregnant. And yes, it’s also great for the people without pregnancy.

Simply Yoga Apps on Google Play

As said in the preceding paragraph, this app is best for a prenatal section. You can find yoga studio app on Android and iOS. It’s a yes for “In house purchases.” And the size of this app is 182.7mb. In this app, one of the sections tagged as among the great features of this App is prenatal.

Yoga section

Don’t classify this app as one which is just for the pregnant women, NO. It’s actually suitable for anyone else. The classes listed on this app is up to 65; these classes would, no doubt, assist you to carry out Yoga exercise correctly. It doesn’t matter your level of skill.

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Search for the class that doesn’t clash with your working hours. You can as well select an app meeting up with your level of focus. Or if you want to work on a specific thing, you can also choose an app based on that. Some people get just quarter an hour, not even half an hour to relax, and some lookout for a means to make sure their relaxation is sure; some people desire to have a good balance — whichever you want, you will surely find a class capable of satisfying your need.

The section designed for pregnant women is the strength of this app. The app is designed and packaged to assist the body of mothers, who are expecting a child (children), enhance the baby’s growth healthily. Also, it helps to encourage the baby to stay some distance away from the rib-cage. Because, when the baby moves to such distance, it’ll make breathing easier.

There’s something you need to know: not all poses would be available if you haven’t subscribed. Paying the subscription fee gives you access to the complete set of poses available on the app. And not just that, you also would be able to create custom classes or learn lessons that are rare to find from Master Yogi Rodney Lee.

Get YogaStudio

Simply Yoga

This app as its name implies, Simply Yoga is a beginner-friendly app. Are you new into the practice of Yoga? Then this app is suitable for you. Simply Yoga is best for beginners; it’s readily available on iOS and Android; it’s a NO for “In-app purchases;” the size of this app is 111.3 MB.

Simply Yoga Apps for Beginner on Google Play

Taking the step into starting to be conversant with what Yoga entails, is undoubtedly challenging, but if we used a word for that step, we would use “Bold.” Don’t recede. The app has provision for timing yourself as you engage in the workout. It contains numerous poses, above 30 — these poses for people who are tagged “beginners” in the practice of Yoga.

Another good thing about this app is that, before you are allowed to access all features of it, you don’t have to pay any money. That means the app is completely free to use, and you don’t need to subscribe. This app would help you discover whether Yoga is for you without taking money from your pocket. Cool, right? It sure is.

It’s known that free things don’t, most times, come with quality, but I assure you that this app is an exception. It’s free, but it keeps you wondering (could it be an app which I have to pay to access the features?) because of its exceptional capabilities. There are tutorials inside the app, and these are tutorials that feature audios and videos to ensure that you get the positions correctly. Though, adverts will, a couple of times, come in the way of your practice. This application has another version. Not just another version, but the full version of this one. The new version doesn’t frustrate you with contact display of ads, and it consists of custom routines and level two techniques.

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Get Simply Yoga on Google Play Get Simply Yoga on Apple Store

Pocket Yoga

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can efficiently work on your poses with this app. Pocket Yoga should be your choice if you want to work out in the wild; it’s available on iOS and Android devices; it’s a yes for “In-App purchases;” the size of this app is 131.3 mb.

Pocket Yoga App for Beginners

One great functionality of this app is that it downloads to your phone, so even though you don’t have a data connection, you are still covered. It doesn’t matter where you are. Are you at a completely peaceful area in the woods? Have you exhausted your data? Don’t panic; you have no cause to worry because you can still access any of the 27 sessions found in the app.

All the sections are not the same. They have their difference in difficulty and duration, too. So, whichever is your level of ability, you have a session for you. And, no matter the time you have to rest, the app also has provision for such time — there’s a session for that time. Inside this app, there’s a dictionary. We know you may want to ask, is the dictionary available to check all words? No, that’s not what it’s for. Instead, the dictionary is available to help you go through the steps listed — steps of searching for the right alignment and posture for each of the moves available without much stress and difficulty.

Are you just in your first day in Yoga exercise? Have you gone far in its practice? If you fall into any of these categories, then this app is suitable for you. It has tools designed to keep track of your progress. It also helps you to be constantly motivated.

There’s a piece of good news!

As you proceed and observe improvements, you are likely to get new virtual environments unlocked.

Get Pocket Yoga App

DDP Yoga Now

Do you want to stay positive as you practice Yoga? Then DDP Yoga is your go-to app. It’s the best for personal motivation; it’s available on Android and iOS devices; it’s a yes for “In-app purchases;” its size is 143mb.

This is an app starts with a 6ft 5in former wrestler, who’s a professional, taking down a full concrete wall. It might seem to you like the most Yoga thing you can find in the world. Diamond Dallas Page’s (DDP) take on the practice of Yoga, which is somewhat macho.

Page has helped quite a lot of physically challenged people go from being disadvantaged to complete health. It gives motivational verbiage while you workout, too. Isn’t that awesome? It sure is. It’s not free to access the full DDP Yoga scheme, and at the same time, it’s not cheap. But, to see the potential of this app, you can opt-in for the seven-day trial on offer before you can gather the money to subscribe for it.

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Without registering, there are videos you can watch. YES!

Get DDP Yoga on Play Store Get DDP Yoga on Apple Store

Universal Breathing Pranayama

This app is centered on ensuring that its users get relieved of stress and get motivated. It’s an app best for breathing and the relief of stress; This app is available on Android, iOS, Nook, and Mac; it’s a yes for “In-app purchases;” its size is 90.6mb.

Let’s guess, you think of Yoga as a practice for the improvement of flexibility, right? Well, that’s right. Or do you think of Yoga as something to help you get toned in no time? Well, you are not wrong. But, how about we look at other benefits? Let’s go.

There’s a part of Yoga that’s more of meditation. This app specifically focuses on this side of Yoga, the meditative side of Yoga. It focuses on that to assist you in mastering the correct techniques of breathing.

If you do this regularly, you are likely to have these health benefits: low blood pressure, better sleep, greater stamina and more. Carefully go with its courses, and you be shown great techniques which you can add amongst the techniques in your Yoga routine. This app doesn’t focus that much on poses; so, if you are about the poses, you need another app to help you with that. Check the apps listed above.

Your other skills can be improved, if you stay dedicated to this practice. This app is recommended to anyone who’s a beginner in Yoga. It’s not only for beginners, but others can also try it out, too.

Get UBP on Play Store Get UBP on Apple Store


Having known the best free yoga apps for beginners, you can go ahead and pick one for yourself, one which will stand as your best free yoga app for beginners.

In this article, we listed about 5 applications, apps you can find on Android and iOS. These applications help you to figure out if doing Yoga is for you. Then, it gives you poses. You know, as a person who is tagged a “beginner” in Yoga, it won’t be a lie to say that such person isn’t conversant with a good number of poses.

We considered that and got you an application which has quite a large number of poses just for you. And, some people love being timed whenever they work, or whenever they are on their Yoga Mat. There’s an app above for you. It times your progress, and it also gives you tutorials. Isn’t that just awesome?

Have we talked about the app that gives motivation as you work? That’s another app everyone doing Yoga should go for; it helps you stay consistent, persistent and determined.

Start doing your Yoga today using any of the apps listed. We also mentioned an app that downloads the things you need from the app, so you can make use of them when offline.

Have a wonderful time on your Yoga mat.

If there is any app that we failed to list here, please drop your comment below and we will include them

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