Best Brain Games For Android to Train Your Brain in 2019 (Free Download)

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Best Brain Games For Android Review

Have you ever considered some other additional benefits your smartphones can offer you besides putting that urgent call through and getting a swift response? Probably you’ve not got some reasons to appreciate your smartphones beyond giving you the ease of access to recent happenings in the world and possibly keeping you updated about trends.

There is an area your smartphones really prove its smartness and in turn training you to be smart as well.
To be candid, your smartphones has all it takes to enhance your cognitive ability in a fun and calm way. Talking about ways that can even serve a dual function of improving your brain health and also creating an avenue for you to unwind in a fun-filled way even as you learn. Games! Yes, brain teasing games that can challenge your ability to recall what you saw or heard. Such brain games help you to stay mentally active by improving your memory, delay the onset of dementia due to old age.

It is possible that you might be having challenges with memory loss. If yes, playing some brain-teasing games for memory recuperation is very vital. This will not only slow down the pace at which your cognitive ability diminishes, but it can also be a great way of keeping yourself happy and your brain cells more active.

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Benefits of Brain Games to Your Health

brain games free download for adults

The reasons why your brain cells feel reluctant to keep new information (maybe a new name) or even recalling past experiences quickly and vividly can simply be because you refuse to get them stimulated with the right mental challenges which they need to stay active and working.

Besides getting your brain cells up and working, brain-teasing games in your Android smartphones can further enhance your mental health in the following ways:

  • Improving your memory capacity – think of remembering things quickly and precisely.
  • Enhancing your reaction time – this can help you in deliberately keeping track of events in case of the unknown depending on what your need for such may be.
  • Helps you to think things through in a fast manner
  • Your level of concentration will sure get improved
  • Brain games can as well give you a multi-dimensional view to issues
  • Brain games is also an easy way to enhance your personal skills on how to plan, strategize, and even do things independently.
  • Your overall cognitive ability will sure receive a livening touch.

Best Brain Training Apps 2019

As you hope to dust off your brain, we’ve got some pretty amazing and exciting brain games to help you step up your mental abilities. Great news for you here; all of these games are absolutely free to download, and all you need do is just get them downloaded into your Android device, and you are good to go.


When you need a brain game to widen your mental horizon, Peak is one brain game that you should check out – it works. With over 40 unique games which are perfectly fitted into one app, Peak challenges your problem-solving ability, mental stability, language skills, memory, concentration, emotional control, and creativity. Comparable to Elevate, Peak gives you the liberty to compete with friends to ascertain an individual’s IQ and game performance.

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Such amazing features as these makes Peak an highly-rated brain game and this earned the game the best brain game app since 2014.

Get Peak on Google Play

Brain Café

While a lot of brain games helps in enhancing your mental swiftness about your office or routine activities, there is also a need to know more about where you live – the earth.

The brain café brain game is a game meant for everyone and mostly for adults who wish to know more about planet earth and the earth’s geography. Wondering how our dear planet earth came to be and what are the forces that make natural events happen the way they do? Brain café is absolutely the game that will give you insight to all these and more in a way that you won’t have to strain your brain to remember all that you’ll learn.

Want to know why you aren’t floating in space? Go and download brain café into your Android devices and start learning why?

Get Brain Cafe on Google Play

Math Genius Brain Trainer

Want to increase your kids’ mathematics skills? This game is perfect for them. Even most adults today cant boost of about a 9th-grade level when it comes to math skills. And so, this game fits for all age group, if you ask me.

Maths Genius Brain Trainer is a highly animated Android game with lots of interaction to enable you to enjoy maths even as you learn effortlessly. If you feel you need a partner to go through maths, this game will do the job, and it also can be played and enjoyed alone.

Being a game that is designed to enhance your math skill, this game requires updates regularly so that you can enjoy the latest mathematical skills and challenges that will surely help you to be in good terms with numbers.

Get Math Genius on Google Play Store

The Moron Test

While you hope to revive and step up your cognitive skills, this game may just be the perfect spot to start from because it is relatively simple to play.

The Moron test brain game uses simple puzzles to enhance your adaptation and memorizing skills. Just a hint, these puzzles aren’t so simple as they may look, but it will definitely help your mental scope to get broaden especially when it comes to solving real-life problems.

If you find the app’s interface not appealing enough to enhance your problem-solving skills, there are tons of similar brain game with the same name you can try.

Get The Morin Test App on Play Store

MatchUp: Exercise Your Memory

Although originally designed as a 2-player app, you can actually enjoy the game and learn from this brain-excavating game. Starting from short term memory development, this game helps you to build your short term memory by requiring you to recall simple pictures, objects, words, and numbers within a short period.

As you progress with the MatchUp: Exercise Your Memory brain game, some more difficult themes are used to tease and challenge your ability to spot out differences in very similar illustrations. It is really a great one to try, and it will surely remind you of the good old days as a kid.

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Get Matchup on Play Store


Sure you’ve learned some strategizing skills from the popular strategy game – Othello? If no, that’s fine because this game will help you to develop lots of strategizing ability that will enable you to defeat your virtual enemy.

In the Reversi brain game, your aim is to strategically surround your opponents as this will help you to change their disks to your own color. The rules governing the game may be a bit challenging, but once you give it some time and you get all that is required in your fingertips, you’ll definitely enjoy every trick and strategy you employ to covert all of your opponents’ disks.

In need of some critical thinking and robust decision-making skills? Try this game, and you will become a pro at that in no time.

Get Reversi on Play Store

Brain Age Test

Most paramount about the brain age test is the fact that this game enhances your ability to retain information (not just information, but more information) and being better at retaining new information in your brain. This game is specifically designed to assume that you grow older by the day and it helps you to maintain your cognitive ability by throwing challenging task that requires you to recall what your last or previous answers were.

As the game changes your age, you may want to play more often to see how good your brain is developing in terms of recalling any past event. This feature makes the brain age test game easily addictive – many users confess.

Get Brain Age Test on SoftInc

Mind Games

The mind games are designed with the aim of giving you psychological leverage on various aspects of life. These games are based on the principle of cognitive psychology. Also, the mind games are designed to help you in developing your desired skills while retaining and effectively utilizing those you’ve already acquired.
Being a mind-brain developer for adult, the mind game works more subtly than those meant for children. With the different upgrade which this game witness, updated versions can as well help you to identify your weak points so that you can cover such loopholes while strengthening your other areas of strength.

Get Mind Game on Play Store

UnBlock Me

This is another game meant for people of all ages. This game is an easy one to pull through, and it helps you to develop a mindset that sets you into motion particularly in creating a new way of thinking. Being a game that comprises of over 14500 different games whose difficulty levels graduate from one simple level to the never less-simple level.

The puzzle aspect of this game requires that you slide blocks in a particular order to enable you to complete the puzzle. Ask me what I love about this game – it gives you reasons why you should think differently and critically in finding a new way of solving a problem.

Do you want to intensify the fun and the passion you put into finding new ways to a problem? You can do this by linking other users and creating a challenge or competition for each other.

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Get Unblock Me on Play Store


This game has been known to be one of the most respected brain games when it comes to cognitive skills and mental abilities development. The easily customizable interface of this game which enhances interactivity has made it many user’s favorite brain games. With the ability of the lumosity brain game to work and improve various areas of the brain, it gives users the opportunity to serve themselves right most notably as they engage more on areas they feel they need some step up.

Although the lumosity brain game has received lots of unhappy review from users about the fact that when upgrading the game, you have to get ready to pay some token. However, it remains one brain game that many users who hope to develop their mental skills love to kick off with.

Get Lumosity on Google Play

Mensa Brain Training

This is one of the oldest and widely played IQ testing app. Developed by Mensa experts, the Mensa Brain Training app tests your concentration, perception, reasoning, agility, and memory – the five core disciplines of your brain.

Every progress made in the game provides you with a personal Mensa Brain index together with a global percentile for each brain discipline you attempt.


Elevate is another brain game that is seen as an all-encompassing brain-teasing game. Being a game that ranks top for people that wants to be more productive at what they do, elevate brain game keeps you engrossed and possibly addicted by employing tricky questions and illustration.

If you want to read and comprehend faster, speak well (if not better) or process information faster, and improve in your math skills, elevate is that app that will surely upgrade your mental performance.
Depending on what you hope to gain from this brain game, you can set the various level of difficulty to enhance your mental and processing skills and speed.

Tons of positive reviews trail this game – it is actually deserving. Check it out.

Get Elevate on Google Play


This game operates on the principle and ideology that happy people are likely to be more productive, healthy and remember important information easily. So, the Happify brain game helps you to stay positive while you learn a thing or two.

Costing almost nothing to download, this game come with tiny reminders why you should stay positive, happy and healthy.

Get Happify on Google Play


Despite having a relatively simple user interface, Android brain games are so designed to enhance your mental skills in a simple and friendly way right from the comfort of your space. In reality, you don’t have to be worried about the errors and mistakes you have to make in developing your cognitive ability.

Wait no further! Hit your app store and download the best brain games that will surely shake off shackles of memory loss and lack of concentration from your brain. Do you have a brain game that is not on the list, we will appreciate it if you can share them with us using the comment box below

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