AMC Mecardo review – All You Need To Know

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One of the best ways to cool off, enjoy an evening with some friends or just chill out would watching a movie. Looking for the best cinema to go to? AMC Mercado is were you should be. AMC Mercado offer one of the best cinema experiences. With quality and state of the art screens and fairly comfortable seats, this cinema provides an amazing atmosphere to enjoy your movie.

More than 380 AMC Theatres locations have been established this year alone scattered across different locations. An interesting choice of captivating movies shown on a daily, visiting this cinema is sure to be a wonderful experience. Click here to access a comprehensive list of movies currently available and movies to watch out for.

Let’s take a detour and evaluate the structure AMC Cinemas.

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The core of the AMC Cinema

One key factor than has kept AMC as lead in its industry is it keen interest and concentration on the need and satisfaction of its customers. AMC hasn’t held back in providing an all round enjoyable experience for its customers by putting a lot of resources into fancy and necessary fittings.

The installation of plush, power recliners, MacGuffins Bars, and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, has made movie-going even more exciting. An expanded partnership with IMAX and the introduction of Dolby Cinema at AMC has also put them at the fore-front of innovation.

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Adam Aron, who joined the company as CEO and President in 2016, has helped the company accomplish alot. With the acquisition of Carmike Cinemas in the United States, and Odeon & UCI Cinemas in Europe AMC has really proven that it is here to stay and dominate.

The AMC Cinemas mobile app

With the AMC Cinema mobile app, tou get updated on all the latest happening in the AMC Mecardo. You will be able to see all the movies currently streaming and movies to come. You will also be able to book tickets for a movies, and check movie times and schedules on the go. To download the app for andriod click here. The app is also available for iPhone, to download, click here.

And did I mention you get rewarded for watching movies and using the app? Oh yes you do! The app enables you to check and stay updated on your rewards stats. Also, the app enables you to pre-order food and beverages, isn’t that just amazing?

AMC Mecardo review - All You Need To Know

AMC Mecardo review – All You Need To Know

The Pros and Cons of AMC Mercado

In this section we will be addressing good and the downside to AMC services provision.

Pro of AMC Mercado

  • The AMC “A list” is a cool option to take . You get 3 movies a week, front of line for everything and an upgraded popcorn . All for $19.00 a month.
  • The theater has 20 screens, screen options are standard, 3D, IMAX, and IMAX 3D.
  • With the IMAX shows, you can now reserve seats. This is great if you don’t want to or can’t show up early to get a good seat.
  • The theater rooms are huge and spacious and has a high capacity for a large audience
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Cons of AMC Mercado

  • If you are hoping on getting g really comfortable, AMC Mecardo can’t offer you much because although their seats are fairly comfortable, they do not . Most of their chairs are just standard chairs.
  • Although AMC has pumped alot of resources into provision of the best fittings, they are not doing a great job at management because there are alot of complains about the theater being dirty
  • The staffs may be friendly, but there are barely enough staffs to effectively manage the whole establishment.
  • Lastly, their has also been complains about food (popcorn, beer and beverages) being too costly compaired to other cinemas. On a smaller scale, there are also complains about about the their food being stale in some cases.

Conclusion – AMC Mercado

Although AMC has it’s cons , your are sure to get a swell experience. We would love to hear about your personal experiences with this cinema. With constant improvements being made you are sure to have a refined experience with each visit. Do well to drop a comment and share this post.

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