Airtel Night Plan : All You Need To Know

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Airtel night plan gives you access to a very cheap and quality browsing experience. Airtel also has good network strength in many parts of the country, this will enable you get things done at a reasonable space of time.

To qualify for this very cheap Airtel night plan, you need to opt-in to an Airtel tarrif package called Airtel SmartTrybe.

About Airtel SmartTrybe

Airtel made an excellent move on providing this package. Being my present tariff plan ,this is what it is about. SmartTrybe is designed to keep you updated on all the current happenings in your Trybe. On this plan, you are given the best rates on data and calls to all networks and enjoy the best of Airtel night plan.

Night browsing becomes exciting with Airtel night plan, this plan as you can stream/download your favorite movies, series and music and special campus data deals. You even get more data when buy data plans on campus. With all these freebies, there is no reason to not be on this plan.

How to migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe

Airtel SmartTrybe is an awesome prepaid tariff . It allows you to make calls at 11k/sec to all networks, get 30% extra data on bundles of N500 and above as campus bonus. Also you can purchase data bundles of 1GB for N500 and N25 for 500MB.

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There is the Airtel SmartTrybe for calls and for data. To migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan, you can easily dial *312# and follow prompt to enjoy other benefits. Also note that, you can make multiple calls to add up to 50 secs. Once you have consumed a total of 50 secs within the same day, your call rates drop to 11k/sec.

How to subscribe for Airtel night plan

Airtel night plan is further divided into two plans ,the first one gives you 500mb for #25 naira. While the second plan gives you 1.5gb for #200 naira. I will be walking you through on how to subscribe for both plans.

Airtel night plan: 500MB for N25

This Airtel night plan allows you to surf the internet from 12am to 5am. The allowed time frame sums up to five hours of cheap surfing. You can follow the following steps to subscribe for this service.

Step one

*312# and a post of opinions will pop up.

Step two

Follow the instructions and click option 3 and subscribe to the N25 night plan.

Step three

Congratulations you have now subscribe to the airtel night plan with N25 and you have receive MB500

Airtel night plan: 1.5gb for N200

This Airtel night plan of 1.5Gb for just N200, is an awesome offer. You can subscribe to this service by following the election steps.

Step one

Dial *312# .

Step two

You will see 1.5gb, reply 2 to migrate to it.

Step three

Make sure that you have upto N200 to migrate to this plan

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Step four

Expect a confirmation text message. Congratulations, you have successfully activated the Airtel 1,5GB data.

The night plan data on airtel cannot be transferred to another network or another customer on airtel

How to check your Airtel night plan data balance

Follow this simple instruction if you want to check your Data Balance on Airtel. All you have to do is dial this code. This codes will enable you see your bonus data bundles and also access other balance information you may want to know about.

Airtel code function
*140# Data Balance and expiration data
*123# check Airtel mobile balance
*123*10# check Airtel internet balance
*123*7# check Airtel SMS balance/td>
*123*11# check Airtel 3g data balance
*123*10# check Airtel 2g data balance
*121*1# check Airtel Minutes Balance
*123*197# check Airtel Night Data balance
*121*8# check Airtel 4g data balance

Conclusion – Airtel night plan

In summary, the night plan offered by Airtel has an exciting catch to it. We hope that with the above listed steps and steps and procedures, you should be able to subscribe and enjoy this service.

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