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7 Mindsets of Successful People Which You Must Cultivate



The population of the world is almost 10 billion. Can you imagine! More than 5 billion people aspire to succeed but only a few achieve success because of the mindset or mentality they have towards success. Do you want to be successful? You want to be the best doctor, engineer, politician…? It’s time you change your mindset about success. A popular quote by Colin Powell says

“No one ever drowns in his sweat. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work”.

What are you doing now? Is it channeled to the success you’re dreaming of? Success is not a magic, it’s a hard work. However, in this post, I talked about success mindsets successful people have and definitely what you must have to achieve a successful life.

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Success is not automatic. Success cannot be inherited even if you belong to the richest man on earth. Even God himself cannot make you succeed if you don’t want to succeed. George Lois said

“All growth depends on activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort and effort means work”.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to live an idle life waiting for success to emerge. Myles Munroe said

“The worst thing that can to any man is to die with his potential untapped”.

Trapped inside of you is tremendous hidden values waiting to be unleashed. Never take it back to the cemetery. You have potentials and you’re the only one that can release it. When you die with your potentials, you die with your forest and you fail your generation. However, it’s high time you left your comfort zone and rule the world with what you have. Think about how Bill Gates started. He didn’t finish university but today he’s one of the richest. You too can succeed if only you can discover yourself.


Every individual born on earth has a mission and a problem to solve. People need you to survive and when you don’t succeed, they fail or probably, die. If you become a failure, you have failed your generation. Your purpose on earth is to make an impact. Don’t seize the opportunity to help others.

Had it been that Mark Zuckerberg gave up his pursuit to establish Facebook, so many businesses wouldn’t have existed online. Today, Facebook has more than 1.6 Billion users across the globe. Some bloggers and businessmen depend on Facebook to survive because it’s their major source of income.
Today, More than 1 Billion people cannot get information without Google. Had it been Larry Page and Sergy Brin gave up on Google; there wouldn’t have been the world largest search engine.

Sometimes we never know what we have until we lose it and become poor. Success is all about reaching out to the lives of people with what you have.
Problems arise every day. People create problems every day. But this is a question you must ask yourself

Are my here to create or solve problems?

It is either you create a problem and ruin people’s lives or you solve problems others have created.


Don’t think that the journey to success is a “free trade area”. Success is not free. You must be willing and ready to spend both your money and your time. You must spend your money to buy books and other materials that can help you to succeed. Time also is very important. The must spend your time on things that are urgent, important and can add value to your life.

The life of Thomas Edison is a good replica. He was able to invest electric bulb because he spent most of his time reading, researching on how to produce an electric bulb.

What of the popular Pat Flynn of who spent time and money building his blog. He’s now one of the richest bloggers in the world
When you spend time and money on your passion, Success will never elude you.


Every success-minded person must be sentenced to hard labour. There must be obstacles. The journey to success contains ups and downs that may hinder your acceleration in life. Robert Schuler said

“Tough times never last but tough people do”.

We must be well assured that we must pass through tough times. However don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is never a destination; it’s just an outcome or result. Only cowards make failure a destination. Cowards die many times but the bold go through obstacles determined to succeed.

That you failed in your first attempt doesn’t mean you should give up.
Abraham Lincoln never gave up the pursuit of becoming the US president. He contested many times and failed. He knew that it was just a matter of time

The moment you stop trying is the moment you endow yourself a failure. Make up your mind to survive the quagmires of life. Difficult situations will never last. However, success is a gradual process. Don’t expect a success of a thousand years to come in a day or the time you wanted it.

John C. Maxwell said

“Problems will stop you temporarily, but only you can stop yourself permanently”.

When you meet hurdles and you think that there is no way out, then you have stopped yourself. Failure must come on our way but we shouldn’t allow it to dominate.

That you were not able to pass through a tough time simply means:

You have not worked hard enough; or
You have not spent time on it; or
You Isolated yourself; or
You have not read books; or
You have not met the right friends (connections).

Think about it. If you want to overcome a tough time, you must be ready to fight it.
Remember, mistakes are inevitable. Albert Einstein said

“A person who never makes a mistake is a person who has never tried something new”.

When you fail or make mistakes, it’s just the beginning of your success.


Friendship may not be permanent. Sometimes your friends leave you when they feel your dreams are difficult to achieve.

“Big dreams are always tough to achieve”.

Don’t be surprised, the friends you started with may not end up with you.

“Ten friends may not stay together for ten years”.

Even when you graduate from school, you may not see your classmates/course mates again. But don’t stop moving when your friends leave.

Not all the friends that started with Mark Zuckerberg ended up with him. Some left during his tough times, but it never discouraged him. Those who stayed with him are now millionaires.

The same thing happened to Thomas Edison when his fellow scientists quitted after they failed in the first 6000 times to produce an Electric Bulb. They left him, pitied him and tried to discourage him, but he said: “NO, I now know 6000 ways in which you cannot do it”.

Don’t stop moving, there is a brighter day ahead of you.


Don’t rule out competition. Life is like a race where you have to compete with other people (and win) before you will be endowed the champion. People will challenge your ability to prove whether you are strong enough to succeed.
Through competition, you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Through competition, you dig out more treasures that are trapped inside of you. It instills in us the winning attitude – the power of victory and excellence.
However, take the challenge, bear the challenge, win the challenge and dominate your industry. Remember, champions are finishers.


You can’t just stop it. It’s natural that people hate when others succeed. When you become a newsmaker, there will always be noisemakers that will criticize your impact. This is a reason why you don’t need to share your dreams with everybody.

Dream killers will give you every reason why you will fail.
Dream thieves will make your dreams look inferior to you.

In other words, beware! “Dogs” are around you. They don’t like your success.
Now consider this

No position without opposition
You need necessary opposition to take up your necessary position
Only those that have future position will face present opposition.

When you have a powerful vision, you will encounter opposition. The higher you go in life, the more obstacles that come your way.


The key to every great life is the ability to learn new things. Successful people are bookworms. They study and learn every day. The more you read, the more you add value to your life and the more you solve problems.


Make a research on how successful men achieved their success, the obstacles they faced, and the areas they failed and how they thrived. Compare them with your life and know whether you’re on the right track.
I believe this article has helped you grab the right mindset of success and channel your life towards success. Cheers!


I believe you were inspired and motivated. Have you been able to get rid of the wrong mentality? Have you left your comfort zone? Tell us how you conquered a particular problem that tried to discourage you. Drop your comments below and inspire others to succeed.

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Career Tips

How to Get a Job in National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT)



NIHORT Recruitment –

This is the latest update on National Horticultural Research Institute Recruitment and how to apply for NIHORT Jobs online. National Horticultural Research Institute which is christened NIHORT hereby invites interested applicants to apply for NIHORT Recruitment.

National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) Recruitment

Origin and Development National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT)

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What is now known as the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), Ibadan was initially a UNDP/FAO Project NIR/72/007 assisted project termed, the National Fruit and vegetable Research and Development Centre (NFVRDC).

In June 1975, however, the Federal Government Agricultural Research Institutes Establishment Decree Order No. 35 was enacted and enforced thereby converting NFVRDC into the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) as we know it today together with other Agricultural Research Institutes. The Institute as of today is coordinated by the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN)

Physical Infrastructure: NIHORT Headquarters, Substations, and Experimental Stations

NIHORT occupies a land mass of about 1,671ha of land with the NIHORT headquarters which is located in Ibadan, Oyo State taking up as much as 350ha of land. One of NIHORT’s substation which is situated in the humid forest zone of Okigwe in Imo State alonga occupies a land mass of 810ha of land while another substation at Bagauda in the Guinea Savannah zone of Kano, Kano State consumes a land mass of 310ha of land

Apart from the headquarters and the substations, the institute has two experimental stationsin Gombe State and Plateau states respectively. The experimental station in Sudan Savannah zone of Dadinkowa in Gombe State occupies about 126ha of land while the in the mid altitude zone of Jos at Riyom in Plateau State takes up to 75ha of land.

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NIHORT is arguably the only Horticultural Research Institute in Nigeria and entire West African region which has a mandate to conduct researches on fruits, spices, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Interestingly, these four (4) groups of plants have over one hundred different plants species.

NIHORT’s Vision

NIHORT has the mandate to fulfill its main vision which is to:

  1. Develop horticultural produce and products for local and export markets with attendant health, industrial raw materials and employment generation benefits.
  2. Develop sustainable production and utilization of horticultural crops in order to achieve excellence in fruits, vegetables, spices, ornamentals as well as aromatic plant research in Nigeria.

Research Programmes at NIHORT

Research Programmesat NIHORTare versatile and extend to include the following branches or fields:

  1. Citrus improvement programme,
  2. Fruits improvement programme,
  3. Vegetables improvement programme,
  4. Ornamental plants improvement programme,
  5. Farming systems & Extension development programme,
  6. Integrated Pest Management

Recent Searches Pertaining to NIHORT Job

It is on record that NIHORT opens application windows to job applicants from Nigeria on a yearly basis. On this account, therefore, we are pleased to invite you to apply for National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) 2019/2020

There have been severalqueries by aspirants who are keen at working with the NIHORT in various positions and would like to get legit information about the job. Some of the numerous questions applicantshave been asking us include but not limited to the following:

  1. How Can I Apply for National Horticultural Research Institute ?
  2. Where can I obtain the National Horticultural Research Institute form?
  3. Is the National Horticultural Research Institute Recruitment Form out?
  4. When will National Horticultural Research Institute Recruitment start?
  5. I need National Horticultural Research Institute Recruitment update, etc.
  6. Is National Horticultural Research Institute Recruitment Real for etc.

Academic Requirements

For those interested in applying for the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, you need to make sure you possess the following:

  1. Possession of B.Sc, HND, NCE in any course from a reputable institution.
  2. National Diploma (ND) / National Certificate of Education (NCE) from a recognized institution.
  3. West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with Credits in not less than three (3) subjects including English;or
  4. National Examination Council (NECO) with passes in four (4) subjects obtained at one sitting or five (5) subjects obtained at two sittings English language inclusive.or
  5. General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) in two (2) subjects obtained at one sitting or three (3) subjects obtained at two sittings.

Some Avoidable Don’ts You Should Take Note of:

  1. You are not to apply for more than one job position and multiple applications for the same position is not allowed or advised.
  2. Application for this job is Online and is 100% free of charge
  3. You are not required to pay money to anyone who claims to work with the board neither should you but the form from anyone because it is free. But that does not mean that if you visit a Cyber Café or business centre to process this form that you’ll not pay for the service you get. You should know when to use your head and when not to.

How to Apply for this job

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At the moment, all application for the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) Recruitment is processed online.To commence your registration right away, please visit NIHORT official website at  to process your form right away.

See Searches related to NIHORT Recruitment

  1. nihort official website
  2. nihort mandate crops
  3. nihort logo
  4. national horticultural research institute kano
  5. research institute in ibadan
  6. national recruitment

We welcome users’ feedback and opinion on this job. Hence, kindly comment below of you need further help on how to go about this recruitment exercise as to be properly updated and guided as soon as we have relevant updates on this job.

Recommended Success Tips For this Job

  1. Have self-confidence, trust me this one is much needed
  2. Interested applicants seeking for this job should be able to build good relationships
  3. Keep your personal registration details like username or password confidential and never disclose them to another third party. Remember that applying for jobs is a competition. So, you should apply caution and wisdom in all you’re doing!
  4. Register early because you never can tell if the job is routed on a first come, first serve basis.
  5. Trim your hair, beards (i.e., keep it low).It is a sign of responsibility and is demanded by virtually all employees.
  6. When you are called for the job interview, ensure that you dress decently. Avoid extravagant, nude, and/or exaggerated dressing as these may disqualify you.
  7. You should always be eager to think about your career development
  8. Avoid distractions at the registration venue so as not to fill the wrong details while applying for the job.


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Career Tips

How to Get Job in Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)



NIMET Recruitment –

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) Recruitment is ongoing. This guide will show you how to apply and what is required of you. Also considered in this guide is Nigerian Meteorological Agency Recruitment Form, how to access NIMET Recruitment Portal, and the full NIMET Recruitment Application Guide and Requirements.

About The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) is a Federal Government Parastatal Established by Act no. 9 of 2003. The Agency is responsible for production of weather, water and climate information for socio – economic development of Nigeria.

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However, it was not until 1892 when meteorological services in Nigeria commenced officially, officiated by the Whites (i.e., British colonial masters). At the time, the body regulating meteorological services in Nigeria was located at the premises of the then Public Works Department (PWD), at Racecourse, Lagos, where the oldest rainfall station was established. Over time, there have been several significant transitions in meteorological services in Nigeria and they are as follows:

  1. 1952 – 1953 it became Ministry of Communication
  2. 1953 – 1955 it became Ministry of Transport
  3. 1955 – 1960 it became Ministry of Communication and Aviation
  4. 1960 – 1965 it became Ministry of Natural Resources and Research (re–named Ministry of  Agriculture and Natural Resources)
  5. 1975 – 1983 it became Ministry of Civil Aviation
  6. 1983 – Dec 1987 it became Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
  7. 1987 to Date it is till Ministry of Aviation

Functions of Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET)

The functions of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) are to observe Nigerian Weather and Climate and provide Meteorological, Hydrological and Oceanographic Services in support of National Needs and International Obligations.

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About NIMET Recruitment

Before you apply for Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) Recruitment, you should have a sneak-peek of what the agency is about (we have discussed this above).

What we’ve not discussed is the criteria for applying, where to get the application form, how to process the application, and suitable guidelines to make your application a success. That is what we discuss below:

NIMET Recruitment Requirements and Qualifications for this year

As an applicant for NIMET recruitment this year, the following is required of you:

  1. Be Nigerian by birth or nationality.
  2. Age between 18 and 35 years.
  3. At least a minimum of secondary school certificate, of not more than one sitting.
  4. Bachelor’s Degree, BSC, HND, ND, NCE is accepted. At least you must have one of them.
  5. Five (5) credit grades in WASC, GCE, SSCE. Must have Maths, English and 3 other relevant subjects
  6. NYSC Discharge Certificate is an additional advantage to school leavers.
  7. Passport-size photograph.
  8. Possession of a valid means of identification below:
  9. Possession of either Voters card, Driving license, Nimc card or an International passport
  10. Professional qualification/work experience it will be an additional plus.

Available Vacancies and Positions to Apply For

Meteorologist Grade II

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) is inviting qualified candidates to apply for the post of Meteorologist Grade II.

Minimum requirement is B. Sc. in Meteorology, Physics, Mathemetics, Statisitics, Computer Science, Electronics, Agric Science or Geography.

Interested applicants must submit the following:

  • Photocopies of credentiaals
  • A written application containing full names, address, state and LGA
  • Letter of indegenship from one’s LGA
  • Four (4) passport photograph
  • Attestation letter from an officer not below GL 16 in the state or Federal service

Application should be handwritten and the envelop clearly marked: “Application for Employment” and addressed to:

Office of the Director-General/CEO,

Nigerian Meteorological Agency,

No. 33, Pope John Paul II Street,

Maitama Abuja

Meteorologist Grade II

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) Recruits Meteorologists Grade II

  • Location(s): Nigeria
  • Application Deadline: Not Specified
  • Job Type: Full time


The Agency is hereby inviting qualified candidates to apply for the post of Meteorologists Grade II.

The minimum requirement is B.Sc. in Meteorology, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Electronics, Agricultural Science or Geography.

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Interested applicants must submit the following.

  1. Photocopies of candidate’s credentials.
  2. A written application containing full names, address, state and local govt of origin of the applicant.
  3. Letter of indigeneship from candidate’s local Govt. council
  4. 4 passport photographs e) Attestation letter from an officer not below GL.16 in the state or Federal Service.

Applications should be handwritten; the envelopshould be clearly marked “Application for Employment”and submitted to the address below:

Office of the Director-General/CEO,

Nigerian Meteorological Agency,

No. 33 Pope John Paul II Street,

Maitama – Abuja.

However, note that this was the manual method of applying for NIMET jobs up till the year 2009. Today, all applications for NIMET jobs are processed on the company’s website, online.

How To Apply For NIMET Recruitment Today Online

All application for NIMET recruitments today is done on the company’s official website which is Please, to the NIMET website to process your application now. Thank you.

Searches Related to NIMET Recruitment

  1. rainfall forecast in Nigeria
  2. functions of nimet
  3. How can i apply for NIMET Recruitment Form?
  4. How can I apply for the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, NIMET Recruitment?
  5. I need NIMET Recruitment updates, etc.
  6. Is NIMET Recruitment real etc?
  7. Is the Nigerian Meteorological Agency Recruitment this year form out?
  8. Is the NIMET Recruitment Form out?
  9. nigerian meteorological agency hq. abuja (nimet) Abuja
  10. nimet Abuja
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  12. nimet logo
  13. NIMET Recruitment application deadline
  14. nimet salary structure
  15. nimet weather forecast
  16. When is the Nigerian Meteorological Agency Recruitment starting?
  17. When will NIMET Recruitment start?
  18. Where can I acquire Nigerian Meteorological Agency Recruitment form?
  19. Where can i obtain the NIMET Recruitment Form?
  20. Where is the Nigerian Meteorological Agency Recruitment Portal?

Some Suitable Success Tips

  1. Avoid registering for the job more than once, as doing so may disqualify you from the offer.
  2. Candidates should be able to embrace technology
  3. Candidates should be able to negotiate
  4. Ensure that you get the vital information about the job from the company’s official website or office(s). Even if you get a piece of information from a blog (like ours), always confirm such information from the employer’s official website or physical office outlet/location.
  5. Ensure that you upload only scanned copied of your original credentials and not photocopies. The use of forge credentials for registering any job may forfeit your chances of appointments as they will stand against you when called for physical verification. Also, photocopies of documents may not be clear and could greatly endanger your chances of even being selected for the offer.
  6. Ensure that you use only your personal phone number and email for applying for the job. Avoid sharing of email address and phone numbers. If you don’t have an email address, please, visit or and create a free email account for yourself, free of charge. It is quite easy to do and you can do it yourself.
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Career Tips

How to Get a Job in Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR)



NIFOR Recruitment Portal –

History of Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research

Before the establishment of NIFOR, the research on palm oil and other palm produce was totally done by the Colonial Department of Agriculture. Many Conferences pertaining to the state of West African Agriculture were held in the years 1927, 1930 and 1938.

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The outcome of those conferences led to researching of certain crops in the territories where they are grown. In the year 1950, the West African Research Organization was brought to birth; the body is tasked on doing research about palm produce in the western part of Africa.

In the year 1992, the Nigerian component of the West African Research Organization was renamed by the Research Institute’s Act 33 to Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR). The body is under the control of the federal ministry of Agriculture.

About Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research

The Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) is tasked with conducting researches that will bring about improvement in genetic, production, and the processing of coconut, ornamental palms, raphia date, oil palm, and all kinds of palm produce.

The aim of the NIFOR is to bring about improvement in preventing and resisting diseases, improving yields and other things pertaining to palm produce.

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About Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR)

The Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) recruitment is out, that is why many people have been wondering how to register and get accepted. This recruitment will empower many individuals in terms of employment. However, many people have been misled on steps to apply and succeed in the ongoing recruitment. This article will help you to have the knowledge of what will be required to get started and succeed.

Required Academic Qualifications

It is very important to note that there are some necessary things that are required before you can proceed with the recruitment. Listed below are the necessary requirements to get started with the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research (NIFOR) recruitment.

  1. You need to have B.Sc., HND, NCE, OND in any discipline and it must be obtained from a recognized institution
  2. West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with Credits in not less than three (3) subjects including English and at least passes in two (2) other subjects; or
  3. National Examination Council (NECO)/General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level with passes in four (4) subjects obtained at one sitting or five (5) subjects obtained at two sittings including English Language.)
  4. National Diploma (ND) obtained from a recognized institution. National Certificate of Education (NCE) from a recognized institution; or
    General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) in two (2) subjects obtained at one sitting or three (3) subjects obtained at two sittings.

General Application Requirements

The 2018 online application requires all applicants to have at least certain minimum requirement to be able to begin their application. Some of those requirements can be outline here below;

  • Applicant must be a Nigerian
  • Applicant must have attain the age of 18 years and above
  • Applicant must be free from any criminal convictions
  • Applicant must be a degree holder depending on the section you are applying for.
  • Applicant must present a medical fitness certificate from a recognized Government hospital
  • Application online is free

You will have to click on the link below to start your application.

Things to Note:

  1. Candidates must apply for just one job position, Candidates who attempt to apply multiple times will automatically be disqualified
  2. Applying through the official website by you will be totally free.

How to Apply

Having met the requirements that are required by the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research, what you have to do next is to visit the agency’s website and register there. If you have anydifficulty in registration, you can contact us to help; our workers are fully ready to povide the help that you need.


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