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Learn To Code on Udemy 30 Days of Python – Justin Mitchel

Python programming language over the last 6 years has increased dramatically in its number of users. You should agree with me? A lot of people are learning Python language every day contributing to an increase in the number of Python users. Are they really good at it? I can’t say but its not helping situation.

Just recently did I gained an interest in learning how to program with Python and I am learning. I was able to perform very simple logical stuff like the addition of numbers, subtraction, multiplication, and printing of user statements.

That’s nothing right compared to what programmers do! Yeah, I know and that’s why I started 30 DAYS OF Python with few other friends.

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What is this 30 days of Python all about?

The 30 days python challenge is an opportunity for you and me to get serious with learning Python language. I would be sharing what I learned in each lesson in the next 30 days and I guess, you as a friend would be here to read and probably give me your comments!

30 days of python

What makes this 30-Days-Python-Challenge So Special?

My first day during the 30 days of Python was amazing and I learned quite a lot of things. Here is an overview of what I’ll have covered in the next 30 days challenge.

  • Understand the Basics of Python
  • Build Applications using Python
  • Send Emails with Python
  • Scrape Websites with Python to pull data
  • Scrape dynamic-loaded (javascript-loaded) Websites with Python
  • Read and Parse emails using Python
  • Read / Write CSV (comma separated values) files to work in Excel/Numbers
  • Use the Twitter API to send tweets easily through a few lines of code
  • Use the Yelp API to pull data about all businesses they have on their site.
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Isn’t that awesome? Yeah, I may be boring with writing an article but the memories I’m sharing with some beginners would remain.

Can I join this challenge as a Newbie?

For sure, you can join the challenge as it is just like a crash-course on Python programming language. Justin Mitchel is a very good teacher and explains this language just the way you will eat a bread till it finishes.

To make things easier for you; you can decide to get some software up and running for you to start coding in python. See them below:

With that being said, what do I know? It is still my first day in the 30 days of Python and it has been amazing so far. I’m so excited I will be learning a lot so soon.

You can encourage me to learn more by reacting to this article in the comment box below. Geeky Daniel Cares!

Meanwhile, if you are interested and very passionate about learning to code but don’t know how long it will take you. Why not check out one of our recent articles that talks on how long it will take to learn to code.

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